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How to Clean Couch Like a Pro

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Leather Couch Stains Removal

Our Special Prescription for Various Treatments of Leather Couch Stains Removal Like a Pro:

First you need to understand the two principal kinds of leathers , Aniline-dyed leather and pigmented leather.

What is Aniline-Dyed Leather?

This softer and richer kind of leather can be seen as more natural in it’s appearance. It is also called the unfinished leather as the finishing topcoat is not applied to it.

What is Pigmented Leather?

Though it is also dyed with the same bond of aniline but it is protected with pigment in it’s topcoat and for that reason it is also called pigmented leather or protected leather. It is not as soft as Aniline-dyed leather but it tends to be much more durable than the former and also there’s a plus point that it’s colors have not faded away in time.

List of Ingredients or Tools to Leather Upholstery Cleaning:

  • Vacuum Cleaner and a brush
  • Non Detergent liquid soap
  • Water (distilled)
  • Soft white microfiber towels
  • Drop Cloth
  • Conditioner

Cleaning of Unprotected Leather (Aniline-Dyed Leather):

Some manufacturers advice not to apply any method more than simple wiping out of dusts with a clean towel. On the other hand the else are advising of Cleaning it with gently rubbing by the distilled water soaked towel. In this process wiping gently in a circular motion we can remove the stain. Then the surface should be dried and if there still remains the wetness need to repeat the same process. After drying the leather , a conditioner that is prescribed by the manufacturer can be treated to the dry leather.

Note: Before applying anything try it in the hidden places of the leather materials.

Cleaning of Protected Leather (Pigmented Leather):

First to tell you that keep ammonia or alkalies away from your pigmented leather. Avoid any kind of saddle soaps , detergents, oils, furniture polishes, abrasives and any kind of cleaners that contains caustic ingredients. Some noteworthy furniture makers apply Leather Master , Leather Magic, Lexol and etc.

In This Case We Have to Follow Such Procedures Step by Step,

  1. By vacuuming first remove the dirt and dust touchy particles of the leather and you may brush it with brushing tools even after vacuuming.
  2. Create a blend of a very few drops of non detergent liquid soap and distilled water.
  3. A microfiber towel is too moistened to the mixture or solution.
  4. The blend should be testified must to any hidden back places to balance the proportion of blend if remains unbalanced.
  5. From initial point to endpoint rub the leather couch gently.
  6. The other cloth we have already taken as an ingredient is now used. It must be soaked with plain distilled water and the couch or upholstery should be wiped again.
  7. Lastly, dry it with a clean cloth.

In Case of Spills and Spots:

  • For Unprotected Aniline-dyed leather blot the liquid substance instantly and then to clean the remaining spot apply the method described above.
  • For protected or Pigmented leather you must not use an air dryer . A protected leather stain removal is not so difficult. A liquid absorbing sponge can easily soak the liquids from leather. In case of oil or butter , water should not be used. A clean dry cloth can easily remove those. And the remaining spots can be removed following those similar steps.
Leather Couch Stains to Remove

Here are Some Common Stains to Remove:

  1. Grease Stains:

    Immediately blot the grease using clothes. Then spread a layer of cornstarch covering the spot. Leave it for sometimes. Then vacuum or brush the attachment and cornstarch will be removed absorbing the grease. You need to continue the process for three times at least to get the complete upholstery cleaning in Melbourne.

  2. Water Stains:

    Simply wipe the water with  clean dry clothes. In case of heavy water use a sponge. Leave it to dry the damp.

  3. Ink Stains:

    Stay away from using Alcohol, hair spray or abrasives. They can damage the leather. Simply blot the ink with blotting paper and the rest is same as above.

A Basic Leather Care:

  1. Using clothes or towels always to clean.
  2. Not applying soap.
  3. Do not leave it in direct sunlight and avoid heat.
  4. High quality conditioner is not prescribed
  5. Newspapers should not be kept on leather because it absorbs ink.
  6. Spills should be cleaned instantly.

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