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Your grimy upholstery can make your entire property look unsanitary. This is so not what you want your visitors to think about you. Make sure to keep your upholstery shining with the best upholstery cleaning services in Canberra. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is the most remarkable upholstery cleaning service provider in the city with over decades of experience.
Our Upholstery Cleaning Canberra team’s long-standing reputation is because of their hard work and dedication towards their customer’s satisfaction. You will not have to hide those stubborn stains anymore, we will eliminate them from your upholstery in no time. Phone us today for an appointment.

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    Our Team Disinfect Your Upholstery and Kills 99% Harmful Bacteria’s

    We all know that in this crucial pandemic time, now we have to take some precautions related to a sofa, couch, and upholstery cleaning in Canberra. We need to disinfect our furniture from time to time which kills almost 99% of harmful germs and viruses.

    Sofa covers and cushions are often coated with sprouts, fungi, dust or disgusting stains. Within your sofa and upholstered armchairs, up to 80 percent of the dirt, you bring in from the outside is stuck. Our professional sofa cleaners and chair cleaning services will freshen up your dusty, worn-out sofas and upholstery.

    Upholstery Cleaning Services Canberra

    Why Do You Need Upholstery Cleaner Canberra?

    If you have got a sofa at home then you need us. Or, if you crave clean indoor air with a clean set of upholstered items then you need us. Your office wants to boast of shiny and absolutely hygienic upholstery then you need us. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Canberra is your true companion when it comes to keeping your upholstery nice, clean, and just like new. We not just clean the upholstery but infuse new life in each item. We literally revamp the upholstery and give it a fresh look. No matter how old your upholstery is, no matter how much stained or dirty it is – do come to us once and we promise not to disappoint you!

    Dirty upholstery presents a bad image of the owner, it is unhealthy, it leads to the growth of mould and contaminants, it can cause various diseases, it can spoil the quality of indoor air, and it also affects the life of the upholstery. Don’t let any of this happen to your precious upholstery, we offer the best quality couch cleaning services at affordable prices.

    Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Service

    We know why you require Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Service. Thus, we are dedicated and available 24*7 hours to act on your queries for upholstery cleaning in Canberra. You can call us anytime for booking the Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Service.

    What Do We Do With Your Upholstery?

    At Fresh Upholstery Cleaning in Canberra, we believe in CONSISTENCY and to attain the same, we use a formatted Upholstery Cleaning Canberra process. This process has been yielding desired results for us. We keep evolving our tools, techniques, and cleaning solutions but the process remains the same. Let’s see what we do to make your upholstery spotlessly clean:

    • Our process starts with a detailed inspection of your upholstery to see how much work we have to do.
    • Upholstery cleaning demands certain preparations such as moving the furniture. We do that before the beginning of the process.
    • We use environment-friendly agents to remove upholstery stains.
    • The best process for upholstery cleaning is hot water extraction and we employ the same for utmost cleaning.
    • We have special means for leather cleaning Canberra as it requires a different kind of treatment.
    • We use hi-tech blowers for upholstery drying.
    • Finally, we do an upholstery inspection to see if we have done justice with our Upholstery Cleaning Canberra or Couch Cleaning Canberra services.

    Professional Upholstery Cleaners in Canberra – According to Home Care Experts

    At Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Canberra, we give our customers full value as your Best Upholstery cleaners near me service provider. This entitles you to ask for a free re-service in case you don’t feel happy with our cleaning services in Canberra. You just need to let us know about your dissatisfaction and we will go beyond our limits to make you happy with our upholstery cleaning or professional couch cleaning Canberra services.

    Suede Sofa Cleaners Canberra

    Suede Sofa Cleaning Canberra

    The suede sofa is a popular choice among homeowners as they are quite easy to clean and repel stains and dirt buildup. However, when used regularly it does get stained and filthy. With regular cleaning, you can clean the surface of the sofa, but for the removal of ingrained dirt and stains, you need professionals. And the professionals of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning use high-quality solutions and advanced equipment to extract debris and stains from your upholstery. From our sofa cleaning products to skills, everything is top-notch. We believe in satisfying our customers with our sofa clean service so, call us now to experience the best sofa cleaning service in Canberra.

    Upholstery Steam Cleaning Canberra

    Upholstery Steam Cleaning Canberra

    Steam water is poured on the upholstery and then left for some time. When the dirt gets loosen and ready to be cleaned we apply the cleaning solution to it. The vacuum cleaner is run over it and then it is washed with fresh water to wash out the dirt and cleaning solution. You will find that the upholstery is perfectly cleaned. It takes time to get dried properly so we advise you to use a dry cleaning method for upholstery cleaning. Call the professionals from Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Canberra to get the work done safely along with effective results.

    Professional Ottoman Cleaning Canberra

    Ottoman Cleaning Canberra

    The professionals of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Canberra have covered all your upholstery cleaning needs and the ottoman is not an exception. Whether it is leather, fabric couch, microfiber, or suede ottoman, we can clean it all. Our professionals can reach your doorstep as and when needed. Moreover, we offer same-day upholstery cleaning services Canberra, if booked in the morning. Our experienced professionals, don’t leave even a single mark or stain while cleaning and make your upholstery completely new. Call Fresh Upholstery Cleaning for the same-day cleaning. Our couch cleaners are skilled in handling all types of upholstery or couch cleaning Brisbane tasks.

    Sofa Steam Cleaning Experts Canberra

    Lounge Cleaning Canberra

    Lounges are the most important interior decor that provides us with comfort and relaxation. Lounges fabric and padding may get stains easily and accumulate a lot of dust with time. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Canberra offers you Canberra’s best lounge cleaning experts team. Our professional lounge cleaners use the latest type of equipment and machinery to deliver the best cleaning results for your lounges. We use only safe and effective solvents to clean all the dirt from your lounge. We deliver our best quality lounge cleaning services at an affordable cost.

    Sofa Steam Cleaning

    Sofa Steam Cleaning is a useful service to keep your sofa free of dirt, germs, odours and stains. We have the best Sofa Steam Cleaning techniques to operate and achieve the best cleaning results.

    Leather Sofa Cleaning

    Among our many services for upholstery cleaning in Canberra, Leather Sofa Cleaning is one of them. We have the best arrangements for Leather Sofa Cleaning which will end up in a neat and clean condition for your leather sofa.

    Effective Mould Removal Service

    Moulds are never good on your couch, sofa, lounge and other upholsteries. You can hire our skilled upholstery mould removal experts service and easily get rid of mould growth from your couch, sofa, lounge and other upholsteries. Our experts have complete experience in getting mould out from your upholsteries.

    Effective Upholstery Stain Removal Service

    Our upholstery cleaners are equally responsible for Stain removal service/ Treatment. We have service for the removal of all varieties of spots and stains which can affect any upholstery.

    Protect your leather sofa with our leather protection services

    Here at Fresh Upholstery Cleaning, we have proper arrangements to protect your leather sofa with our leather protection services. It is a very useful service and its effect remains for a long time.

    Microfiber suite cleaning

    Do you want a proper service for Microfiber suite cleaning? You can rely on our Microfiber suite cleaners available in Canberra 24 hours for you. We are familiar with the techniques for Microfiber suite cleaning.

    Microsuede lounge cleaning

    With the latest and safe techniques for Microsuede lounge cleaning, we can help you to keep your Microsuede lounge in the best of its condition. We can remove all kinds of dirt, stains, germs and odours.

    Scotchgard Upholstery protection

    Do you want to protect your upholstery from unusual and inevident dirt and stains? Scotchgard Upholstery protection is a key to this and our professional cleaners can set up this on your upholstery.

    Upholstery Disinfect Sanitisation

    Do you know what Upholstery Disinfect Sanitisation is? It is one of our cleaning services to protect you against the germs and viruses residing in your upholstery. Our cleaning method is verified to remove germs and disinfect all kinds of upholstery

    How Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is Best

    We don’t just say that we are the best for your search Couch upholstery cleaner near me but we prove it with each upholstery cleaning service we take up. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Canberra provides its customer with a fresh cleaning experience, great customer service, and unbeatable quality service. We

    • Provide same day upholstery cleaning
    • Offer lowest prices for couch steam cleaning
    • Cover all areas of Canberra
    • Deliver excellence par comparability
    • Are you available round the clock
    • Work on weekends and public holidays
    • Hire only certified and licensed Upholstery Cleaner Canberra
    • Are insured and locals of Canberra
    • Are equipped with the latest cleaning tools
    • Perform before and after upholstery inspection
    • Provide a free, no-obligation quote

    Your upholstery is dying because of neglect and dirt! Don’t let it. Come to us and we will provide a new life to your precious upholstery. Our experts are able to do wonders with their cleaning techniques that will leave you spellbound. Call us today for an amazing upholstery cleaning or Couch steam cleaning near me experience!

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    ”Polite And Friendly”

    I reached out to Fresh Upholstery Cleaning about cleaning our large linen sofa after reading all the positive reviews on their website. I initially spoke with one of the staff member of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning who was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and had great follow-up. The team who came to my house was really friendly and polite. They were on time and completely removed the stain. I'd highly recommend to anyone and all my friends!
    - William

    Chemical Free Upholstery Cleaning

    If you wish to get your upholstery cleaned by professionals then Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is the answer for you. We have been their loyal customers for a while now. Every time we call them for upholstery cleaning, our upholstery gets a new life. The best part is that they deliver chemical free upholstery cleaning which ensures that we don’t add to carbon content to the environment. Thank you for a nice service.
    - Ashley

    ”Fully Satisfied”

    I am a fully satisfied client of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning and this review is to share my satisfaction with other people who are thinking of getting their upholstery cleaned by Fresh Upholstery Cleaning. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is the best upholstery cleaning company in the town. They take the upholstery cleaning process to a higher level. I always choose Fresh Upholstery Cleaning for all my upholstery cleaning requirements because they not just clean but sanitize the upholstery making them even safer and healthier for my loved ones. The price they charge is also very reasonable compared to other companies. I happily recommend Fresh Upholstery Cleaning to everyone.
    - Riley Erin

    Commendable Service

    I have a precious white couch that my kids spoiled while playing. My wife kept asking me to get it cleaned but I didn’t know how to do that. Then I came across Fresh Upholstery Cleaning website and asked them if they could help me out with it. The team used some very good solutions to clean the couch. They do not just have the right technology, machines, and methods but the right people to carry out the job. Thank you Fresh Upholstery Cleaning, your work is really commendable.
    - Naomi Watts