Reliable Service For Upholstery Cleaners Melbourne

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is a reliable and trusted company across Melbourne. Upholstery adds elegance to your premises. It gives a new look to your house but the dust, dirt, and stains particles can not remain away all the time. In this situation, we are offering the best services for Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne at an affordable charge. The best team of expert cleaners for Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is available with us. Our crew is the best to provide you with satisfying services. Get in touch with us to hire the best upholstery cleaners in Melbourne.

Extra leather & fabric hygiene
ECO-friendly fabric couch cleaning products available
Same day Flexible bookings 24 hours and 7 days
Fabric & Leather Upholstered Furniture Spot & Stain Removal

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Disinfect Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is a leading company for disinfectant service for upholstery in Melbourne. We all know that viruses spread their legs in places where they can live comfortably. To feel free from all these contaminants at a house or office, the owner must take professional services. Our professional service will keep these unwanted contaminants out of the place before it infects. Our professionals will clean the place properly and make the place virus and germs free.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne

Sofa Cleaning Services Melbourne

Expert Sofa Cleaning Services In Melbourne

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning provides professional Couch Steam Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, and Stain Protection services in Melbourne. We have professionals to clean all category of upholstery and offer leather & fabric couch cleaning, sofa cleaning, stain removal, furniture cleaning & lounge steam cleaning. 

  1. Specialist in Removal of dirt and stain from your upholstery
  2. Qualified and Experienced Couch Cleaners
  3. Best quality services at an affordable price with customer satisfaction
  4. Cleaning agents are used considering the environmental concern
  5. Complete care of your upholstery anytime
  6. Specialized in cleaning all fabrics upholstery
  7. Same-day booking and service facility

Why is Upholstery Cleaning Important?

Upholstery is one of the most valuable things about your home and does a remarkable job. A stained or dirty upholstery do the exact opposite. Despite being the most useful part of your home, it is usually overlooked, which should not be the case. We are here to tell you about the importance of upholstery cleaning. 

  • Daily or regular cleaning of the upholstery helps to maintain its condition and keep them away from dirt accumulations.
  • Bacteria and germs which can grow on your upholstery can be harmful to you and your family members. Only cleaning and sanitisation can resolve this issue. 
  • Cleaning will enhance the look of the upholstery as well as it will add life to it. 

The Prices For Service For Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning provides services across Victoria including Bendigo, Ballarat, Reservoir, Shepparton, Hoppers Crossing, Narre Warren, Bundoora and all Victoria countryside. Our Prices are the most affordable in Melbourne. You can have a look at the service list or ask our customer executives. 

Before Getting Quotes over the Phone or Online Please Prepare for the Following Questions:-


Is it fabric or leather material, please?

How many seats, please?
Back Seat

Chairs- Is it just the seat or the back needs to be cleaned?

Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

We have the facility to send cleaners on the same day of booking for the service. Upholstery not only requires regular cleaning but also maintenance in the form of professional treatment. There are various hard to reach nooks and corners of upholstery which need cleaning. Our professionals are known for their cleaning techniques and high-quality cleaning results. With the application of the proper method and technique, we will make your upholstery ready for use on the same day. All the requirements for the work are available with us. 

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery cleaning is essential to maintain the aspect of home or wherever they are placed. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is providing amazing and profitable upholstery cleaning services to many commercial areas such as Schoolhouses, Universities, Dispensaries, Supermarkets and office in Melbourne. We are affordable and have the full expertise to clean all type of upholstery with the help of efficient tools. Get in touch with us online today.

Fabric Office Chair Cleaning Melbourne

At Fresh Upholstery Cleaning, you will get the best fabric office chair cleaning services in Melbourne. We are Melbourne’s preeminent company which is providing fabric office chair cleaning services at a remarkably fair cost. Our professionals are skilful and have got all the appropriate and useful equipment with them. Get in touch with us today online for best offers and services.

We Clean All Types of Stains From Upholstery

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

Cleaning Stubborn Stains:

Many a time accidental spills and unwanted blotting over the surface of the upholstery can bother you. The marks and stains caused due to these spills can be very stubborn in nature. They are simply impossible to be removed by homely methods. Stains of blood, pet urine and alcoholic beverages also stays on for a very long period of time if left as it is. Only effective professional cleaning techniques and methods can solve these issues. Our experts have all the knowledge to do so in an effective manner. 

Blood Stains Removal


If your leather upholstery has become dirty with blood stains then you can ask for help from us. We at Fresh Upholstery Cleaning giving services that will help you to get rid of stubborn blood stains on your leather upholstery.

Juice stains Removal

Juice stains:

Juice stains are really adhesive because they are contained with sugar and if get a spill on your couch it can leave an obstinate discolouration. Therefore, to remove juice stains we are giving you services that will help to get back the fresh condition. Simply contact us today, we are open on weekdays too. We are affordable and has a good name in this industry as well.

Mould Removal Services Melbourne

Mould stains:

Moulds get accumulate under the fabric of couch when it is not properly cleaned.  Stained by water or any other liquid spill can also be the reason for the mould growth. Moulds can damage the fibres and they can affect the health as well. Therefore, get rid of moulds and their stains as soon as possible. Just let our professionals do the job of cleaning your couch. We have all the needed and effective cleaning solutions with us.

Coffee And Tea Stains

Coffee/tea stains:

Coffee and tea stains are adhesive and sticky as well. Whenever coffee and tea get a spill on the couch or any object ants get attract toward it. It can get amass in a large number. Hence, Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is providing you stain removal services at a reasonable price. We are available on weekends too.

Removing Unpleasant Odour

Removing Stains and Odour Together:

Upholstery emits an unpleasant odour if not maintained properly or cleaned regularly. Sometimes the accumulation of moisture also results in the unpleasant smell. Exposure of your upholstery to pets can also lead to the unpleasant odour. Pets are often a reason for smell due to their fur and dandles. Special pet smell removal techniques using the right product is necessary to get rid of this odour. Our staff not only cleans your upholstery but also make sure that there is no odour.

General Tips to Keep Your Upholstery Cleaned for a longer time.

Here are general tips to keep your upholstery cleaned for a longer time.
Vacuum your upholstery daily.

  • If any stains occur clean them immediately.
  • Avoid eating and drinking while sitting on the couch.
  • Get help from us at Fresh Upholstery Cleaning.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Steam cleaning is the best way of professionals to apply on the upholstery to get the desirable and satisfying result. Let our professional examine the area which needs to be cleaned and they will decide based upon the texture or fabric of your upholstery that it needs steam cleaning or not. Once their examination is over, they will apply the best and top recommended steam cleaning method on the upholstery to get the best outcome. You can rely on us, as we are a trustworthy and accepted company. We have a list of our satisfied clients for Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne and you will be the next. Feel free to call us any time anywhere in Melbourne. 

Different Treatments for  Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Needs:

There is a various category of upholstery furnished at your home. Different upholstery has a different process of cleaning. Sometimes due to differences in fabrics and sometimes due to differences in shape, cleaning them requires caution. That is why the difference lies between armchair cleaning, wool couch cleaning, lounge chair cleaning and sofa cleaning methods. Professional cleaning services can easily analyze the difference and act the needful to clean your upholstery effectively while maintaining its condition and building act.

Leather Couch Cleaning Melbourne:-

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning owns the best professional leather couch cleaners available in Melbourne. Our professionals are highly experienced and skilled in all the methods and techniques of upholstery cleaning. Our couch cleaning service will make your leather couch completely clean, healthy and long-lasting. We are available 24*7 hours to get the booking and offer the service. Make a booking and get the best cleaning service from us.

Leather Couch Cleaning Melbourne

Fabric Couch Cleaning Melbourne

Fabric Couch Cleaning Melbourne:-

Fabric couch is also a better option for having upholstery in your house. There is a need for cleaning on a regular basis as well as from professionals. If you will not get them cleaned then there will case of stains as well as mould growth. These can lead to permanent damage. We are available on all days to make the request for the service. So take the benefits of the service and keep your fabric couch safe.  

Microfiber Couch Cleaning Melbourne

Melbourne’s premium team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in upholstery cleaning and home improvement services work for us. It gives us immense pleasure in providing our clients with a high standard of customised microfibre couch cleaning service. Let us help you renovate your home and couches while staying on the given schedule and budget. Listening to our client’s needs and paying close attention to every detail is what sets us apart from the rest.

Microfiber Couch Cleaning Solutions Melbourne

Leather Furniture Restoration and Conditioning

Call the experts of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning for leather furniture restoration and conditioning. You will get these services at a cost that is affordable to your budget. Maintenance of leather furniture is really important you can get to us the best restoration and conditioning of it. We are in this business for many years, therefore, we have got all the needed expertise and familiarity to deal with upholsteries. Reach us online today.

Couch Mould Removal Melbourne

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning offers high-end cleaning service for residential as well as commercial upholstery owners in Melbourne. Our service includes steam cleaning, mould removal and stain removal. You can count on us to provide professional service of high-quality for couch mould removal. The couch placed in any setting can be cleaned by our professionals thoroughly. 

Suede Sofa Cleaning Melbourne

If you are looking for a professional Suede Sofa cleaning service in Melbourne, we can meet with you on-site to discuss your cleaning problems and solve them. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning owns the latest equipment and solutions to clean out the outer and inner surface. Our services are available on all days as well as on the same day of booking. Call or fill the form for any other queries. Avail our service anywhere in Melbourne. 

Ottoman Cleaning Melbourne

Ottoman fabric upholstery gives special touch to your house. Our professionals will be at your place within an hour of booking if required. Therefore, you can rely on us for the best service required for cleaning your Ottoman upholstery. We remain open on all days of the week. Thus you can make a booking with us to get the services on holidays too. Our services are available for all the locations in Melbourne. 

All Kinds of Upholstery Cleaning Services in Melbourne

You can make bookings with us for the following services:

  • Inside Arms Steam Cleaning
  • Out Side Back of Sofa Cleaning
  • Side Skirt Couch Cleaning
  • Seat Cushion Cleaning
  • Corner Skirt Panel Cleaning
  • Three-seated Couch Cleaning
  • Dining Chair Cleaning
  • Armchair Steam Cleaning
  • Two-seated Sofa Cleaning
  • Chesterfield Sofa Cleaning
  • Cabriole Sofa Cleaning
  • Camelback Sofa Cleaning
  • Lawson Sofa Cleaning
  • Tuxedo Sofa Cleaning
  • English Rolled Arm Sofa Cleaning
  • Mid-Century Modern Sofa Cleaning
  • Sectional Sofa Cleaning
  • Throw Pillow Sofa Cleaning
  • Couch Arms Cleaning
  • Back Pillows Cleaning
  • Top Cushion both sides Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

An Upholstery Cleaning Service With Many Benefits

Have you tried cleaning your furniture upholstery yourself and never got the desired results? Our upholstery cleaning specialists will refresh the appearance of your leather or fabric upholstery.

  1. Prolong the life of your furniture
  2. Remove the odour or smell.
  3. Remove skin cell, body oil, pet hairs etc.
  4. Improve lounge appearance
  5. Remove Allergen

Miscellaneous Services For Couch Cleaning 

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is a premier provider of upholstery, couch, sofa & lounge Steam cleaning services in Melbourne. Our cleaners understand the safest and most effective methods to clean your household upholstery.

Here is the list of Couch Cleaning Services we offer.

  • Sofa Cleaning Melbourne
  • Pet smell couch cleaning Melbourne
  • Dining table Cleaning Melbourne
  • Chairs Cleaning Melbourne
  • Couch Scotch Guard Service
  • Sofa Steam Cleaning
  • Lounge Cleaning – Eco-Friendly Chemicals
  • Cleaning vomit from the couch
  • Cleaning urine from the couch
  • Leather Couch Cleaning
  • Fabric Couch Cleaning
  • Couch Mould removal
  • Fabric Chair Cleaning
  • White Leather Chaise Cleaning
  • Fabric Chaise Lounge

Armchair Cleaning Melbourne

When it comes to upholstery cleaning, we tend to accommodate all your upholstery cleaning needs. And armchair cleaning is one of the major services asked by our professionals. Our teams are highly experienced and efficient and start cleaning your armchairs only after a thorough inspection. Moreover, if you are looking for the same day upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne, we can help you. 

Also, you can avail a special cleaning package available with us. With the help of our lucrative packages, you can maintain the look of your upholstery. Our staff will ensure regular inspection and will clean your upholstery every alternate month. Moreover, you can avail other benefits as well. You can inquire about the same by giving us a call at 0488 850 984.

The Way We Clean Your Upholstery

The upholstery cleaning process requires most of the attention and needs to be carried carefully. We at Fresh Upholstery Cleaning sticks to the following process and bring you the desired results for Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne.

  1. Inspection of the upholstery:

    This is what we start with, after reaching your place for the upholstery cleaning service. We decide the required methods depending upon various conditions related to your upholstery. 

  2. Ready For Cleaning:

    We will make sure that area is no other objects which can get affected by the cleaning residues and start the cleaning work.

  3. Treatment of stains:

    We treat the stains at first because it can affect the other portion of the upholstery if gets assimilated with water while cleaning entire upholstery. 

  4. Thorough Upholstery Cleaning:

    As per the need, cleaning methods and agents are taken in use and contaminants like dirt, odours and germs are treated carefully. 

  5. Stain Protection Treatment:

    We have the facility for stain protection treatment which we use on the recommendation by the customers. It is helpful in keeping away the stains. 

  6. Drying time for upholstery:

    Drying of the upholstery is equally important as cleaning. We have an efficient way to dry upholstery and make that ready for the use as soon as possible. 

  7. Final Touch:

    Finally, we will end the work after inspecting your upholstery for the last time. We want satisfaction for self from the work. 


Our Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne based Team

We are a local team of experienced, licensed and trained upholstery cleaners. Hence, the main objective of our team is to ensure that customers are satisfied with upholstery cleaning services. Our cleaners live all across Melbourne to be able to provide quick cleaning services.

  1. Robert is an expert in upholstery steam cleaning and he manages the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
  2. Jason provides extremely powerful upholstery cleaning services to the people of the Southern suburbs.
  3. Gary manages the cleaning service requests from the Western suburbs.
  4. John lives in the Northern suburbs and expert in outstanding upholstery cleaning.

Our Sofa/Lounge Cleaning Clients in Melbourne

We have a big list of clients in Melbourne and we provide services in the following places

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Child Care Centers
  • Restaurants
Expert Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Scotchgard™ Fabric and Upholstery Protection in Melbourne

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is the perfect upholstery cleaning company located in Melbourne, VIC for all types of upholstery cleaning needs. We are popular for the exceptional  Scotchgard™ Fabric and Upholstery Protection work that we carry out with dedication, and that makes us different and ahead of others. Additionally, we help in restoring your upholstery most effectively.

  • Chaise Lounge Cleaning & Protection.
  • Settee Sofa Cleaning & Protection.
  • Sleeper Sofas Cleaning & Protection.
  • Bunk Bed Sleeper Cleaning & Protection.
  • Love Seats Sofa Cleaning & Protection.
  • Chesterfield Cleaning & Protection.
  • Lawson-style Sofa Cleaning & Protection.
  • Chairs Cleaning & Protection.
  • Bridgewater Couch Cleaning & Protection.
  • Camel Back Couch Cleaning & Protection.
  • Cabriole Couch Cleaning & Protection.
  • Divan Couch Cleaning & Protection.


Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Our Customers Testimonials

Thanks for Making My Upholstery Look – BEAUTIFUL

I have had Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne clean my new upholstery on two occasions & was extremely happy with the service performed. These people were prompt in returning my call and gave me an exact quote and booking time as per my convenience. They arrived on time & offered a professional, cleaning my upholstery in a beautiful manner. I have given their number to several family members & friends who have also become a satisfied customer of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning. I will continue their services in future as well.

– Wendy

Affordable Upholstery Cleaning Services

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is my first choice when it comes to upholstery cleaning. I always trust them with my costly couches, sofas, and chairs. Even my leather upholstery is cleaned by these people. You guys are the best and I always recommend their services to my friends and family. – Mason

Unbelievable Upholstery Stain Removal

Thank you for an unbelievable upholstery stain removal service at my office. Commercial upholstery cleaning always costs a fortune but with Fresh Upholstery Cleaning I didn’t have to spend much and all my furniture got stain free in one single service. I am very happy and now I am going to use their service annually for cleaner upholstery.

Daniel Walker

Couch Cleaning Specialist

In few words, fresh upholstery cleaners are the specialist in couch cleaning.

Upholstery Stain Removal

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne got rid of all stains from my expensive white upholstery. Since the day it has been stained, I had nothing else on my mind. But now after the service, I can sit back on my favorite sofa and relax as it has been cleaned in an unsurpassable manner. Thank you!

Enrico De Chavez

Professional Couch Clean Quote

We have had no twanting to get some fabric upholstery cleaning and scotch guard done. There is a two seater, petite snuggle chair (plush furniture) and a 3-4seater with a chase. There are no stains left after cleaning, just general dirtiness particularly at the edges/arm rests. We also have a rug that needs a clean fresh upholstery done amazing work.

Expert Upholstery Cleaning Service

Hired them a few months ago and got the amazing Upholstery Cleaning service at a really affordable price. They arrived on time and thoroughly cleaned my sofa and other house furniture. I would surely hire them again.


Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne did a marvelous job cleaning my upholstery and asking if we were satisfied with the job at almost every stage. Kudos to the whole team and company! –


Restored Leather Upholstery

I had purchased my leather couch 5 years back. I loved the appearance and design of the couch at the very first sight. But over the time, it got stained badly and was demanding the thorough cleaning. While searching on the internet, for the professional couch cleaning I came across Fresh Upholstery Cleaning. I found their work impressive and hire them for my leather couch cleaning. Believe me, they are the saviors. The cleaning team did its job remarkably well and made my couch brand new once again. I am cordially grateful for their world-class service and will definitely hire them in the future.

Explain their service well

“Fresh Upholstery cleaning is the best service provider I came across. They are very professional in approach. They explain each and every detailed service they were going to apply on my upholstery. I am highly impressed on them.”

Jack Lee

Best Upholstery Cleaning Company

Best Upholstery Cleaning Company in Melbourne. We recon they professional,certified & knows how to perform couch cleaning beyond expectation. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning guys are expert in leather couch protection. On time & punctual upholstery cleaners.

Upholstery Cleaning

Sincere Thanks for their service

Last week, I called Fresh Upholstery cleaning Melbourne team on public holiday. They are very punctual. I call them early morning and they reached on time and delivered good result. I have no words to explain their way of cleaning. Our upholstery was so dirty and having some stain on it. They used good quality product to remove stain and bacteria. Now , my upholstery are very clean and look so new. Will call them in future as well and wanna recommend them for upholstery cleaning in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Ammy Paul

Very Professional

According to me Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is no 1 upholstery cleaning company of Melbourne. I am very happy to choose them for my office upholstery cleaning job. They did a great job. All my office upholstery looks new now. They provide reliable and professional commercial upholstery cleaning services. I want to recommend this company to all the people who are in search of Best  Upholstery Cleaning Service provider in (Melbourne). I am even impressed by their pricing. Thanks, guys. Your work is highly appreciable.

Very Good Service

According to me, Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is an awesome upholstery cleaning company. We used their lounge cleaning service a few days back and got exceptional service and outstanding result. We were in a dilemma before we booked Fresh Upholstery Cleaning whether they use eco-friendly solution or not but for our surprise the cleaners who came to our place used biodegradable solution in their cleaning process. We were very happy to see this. The professionals of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning are competitive enough to handle the lounge cleaning job. They didn’t even charge us more for this. We want to thanks the Fresh Upholstery Cleaning for providing us such a good lounge cleaning service.

Dry cleaning method for cleaning my upholstered furniture

I got a manufacturer’s recommendation is to use a dry cleaning method for cleaning my upholstered furniture. I was quite skeptical about whom to choose for the job? Then I heard about Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Services. The furniture fabric was delicate and need more care. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning company did it very well. first they did a sample test. The fabric of the furniture is tested to determine which cleaning process is to be followed. Thus they apply the safest and most effective cleaning method. Is not it great!

Excellent Service

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is the finest upholstery cleaning company. I had an amazing experience with them. I hired them for couch steam cleaning. They are not at all pricey. I am even in love with their customer service team. They are so responsive and helpful. My couch was in a very bad condition. I am very happy to find them. The team really did an amazing couch cleaning job at my place. Their cleaners are very dedicated and use safe solution. I found them very cost-effective. You can completely rely on them for all your upholstery cleaning needs. Trust me, they are totally worth investing in. Thank you guys for proving amazing couch steam cleaning service. I am pleased with your service. Keep it up.

Best Upholstery Cleaning Company

Best Upholstery Cleaning Company in Melbourne. We recon they professional,certified & knows how to perform couch cleaning beyond expectation. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning guys are expert in leather couch protection. On time & punctual upholstery cleaners.

Upholstery Cleaning

Love their Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

I have been receiving their professional upholstery cleaning services for 7 years. I called them for professional upholstery cleaning services and got reliable and excellent upholstery cleaning services. Their service charges are also affordable. Sometimes, they offered me a 40% discount on upholstery cleaning services. I am glad to appreciate their cleaning services. They are too experienced and hard-working staff. I want to recommend this company to all my friends and relatives. Thank you!!

Microfiber Upholstery Rejuvenated

I bought costly microfiber upholstery 6 months ago and last week when I had a party at home, it got stains. I was worried and unhappy about the stains and clueless about how to get rid of them. A friend suggested the name of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning. I have to say that you guys are terrific. You did a wonderful job and rejuvenated my upholstery again. Thank God it looks new again.

Michael James

Thorough Upholstery Cleaning

Thanks for coming over to our home to clean our upholstery, sofas, and lounges. The allergy treatment that you provided has worked well just as you suggested it would. In two day’s time we noticed a remarkable change in our mother’s asthma. We never knew upholstery cleaning could lead to such a major difference. Thank you.

Jazz Brar

”Commendable Service”

We have been using various kinds of upholstery cleaning services from the team of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning. They have highly professional and trained staff that never hesitates to put in extra efforts to please their customers. They always ensure that your upholstery is clean and sanitize it with the best and advanced cleaning techniques. They offer the best upholstery cleaning services at the best prices in Brisbane! And their performance is commendable.
- Noah

Brighter and Shinier Upholstery!

I am a big fan of black color and when I moved to my new house, I purchased all upholstery in black. But sooner I realized that black upholstery tends to get more spoiled and be easily visible. I used to feel ashamed of it as I could not rectify it. So one day I decided to take professional help and called the Fresh Upholstery Cleaners. They did a phenomenal job. Love you guys!
- Ben

Best Local Upholstery Cleaning Company

Would recommend this company to anyone! Extremely professional and local upholstery cleaners
- Emily

”Best Stain Removal”

They have provided us with the best sofa cleaning service we have ever used in our lifetime. Our sofa has got rid of all kinds of stains and odours. They even did the repairing job at a minute’s notice at a minimal cost. All four of sofas have become so clean to be used that we don’t stop our kids from sitting on them anymore because we know they are contaminants free now. Thank Fresh Upholstery Cleaning for making my couch stain free.
- John


Couches are mostly dirty due to frequent use. But after the services provided by them, it is totally clean and fresh. thank you couch cleaning Australia Fabulous Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Didn't I realize how bad my house got until I saw how clean it was. So much attention to detail. Thought I walked into a new house!
- Delta Goodrem

Superb Upholstery Cleaning

I am very pleased with upholstery cleaning services from Fresh Cleaners Melbourne. They did a superb job in cleaning all my chairs, tables, sofas, and lounges at a cheap price. I loved the fact that they did not use any harmful chemicals so I am sure that my family, kids, and pets are safe. I will surely recommend all to try their upholstery cleaning services.
- Thomas

Affordable Service

Get your upholstery cleaned by the most efficient upholstery cleaners at an affordable price. I think it is important to have your upholstery cleaned by the professionals, cleaning on your own may damage the fabric. The professionals are highly experienced and perform the upholstery cleaning job with utmost professionalism and perfection. I have received a great service from the team of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning. They used the best solution and methods to clean my upholstery. I highly appreciate the efforts they have put to clean my upholstery. Thank you, guys. I am definitely coming back to you whenever my upholstery needs cleaning.
- Jared Brown

The Best Upholstery Cleaning Company

We have been living in Melbourne for more than 15 years now. Upholstery cleaning was considered a luxurious and expensive service a few years back. And then when the rates went down, even the service was deteriorated. We had tried different professional cleaners in Melbourne but were not satisfied. Then we came across Fresh Upholster Cleaning. And to our surprise they did an impressive job at a very reasonable price. I can say this with confidence that this is the Best Upholstery Cleaning Company in Melbourne!
- Matthew

Pet Stain Removed from Upholstery

Who could have thought that pet stains could be removed from upholstery? I was sure I will have to get it replaced but I am so happy to have come across Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne. They did the job at a very reasonable price.
- Susan

Safety Measures

The Fresh Upholstery Cleaning team took all the initiatives which were good for the rest of the house and completed their work efficiently and such qualitative work can be hired again and again whenever in need. Thank you...!!!
- michael samantha


Frequently Asked Questions on Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

👉 Can you remove mould from my fabric sofa?

🙋 Mould can grow everywhere and make your upholstery or couch dirty. We have the best solution for removing mould from your valuable sofa. We provide Upholstery mould removal services with our proficient cleaning procedures. You can avail the services by calling on 0488 850 984.

👉 Is antiviral sanitisation service included in couch cleaning is safe?

🙋 Definitely, the service is safe. We use eco-friendly couch cleaning products for disinfection.

👉 Can I get Upholstery cleaning Melbourne services on Sunday, I don’t have time on weekdays?

🙋 Sure, you can make bookings with us to hire our professional cleaners in Melbourne. Our expert cleaners will provide you satisfied and accepted services on Sunday too.