How to Clean Microfiber Upholstery

If you are an upholstery lover and buyer you would surely know about the durability of microfiber upholstery, making it perfect for daily use. The greatest advantage they have is they clean easier, keep moisture off, and may be wiped in a single neat swipe. Yet human activities and environmental factors affect these long-standing upholstery and they may lose their original sheen and vibrancy unless they are cleaned by the upholstery cleaning Brisbane specialists.

Microfiber upholstery does withstand the rough and tumble treatment by pets and children in your homes; nevertheless, you do need to hire upholstery cleaning Perth experts periodically to render them fresh and hygienic. Microfiber is a delicate fabric and requires some care before you start caring for it. Although they are water absorbent some types need other types of cleaning. There are a few tips here to guide you into their maintenance and fresh look with some home efforts from your end.

Knowing How to Read the Manufacturer’s Label

Before choosing a cleaning agent, it’s best to read the instructions on your upholstery label to prevent any damage. The codes signify as –

X means only vacuum

W Cleaning with water and water-based agents like washing solution, an upholstery shampoo, or any gentle soap.

Cleaning only with water-free solvent agents like baby wipes, dry cleaning agents, or rubbing alcohol

SW Cleaning with either water or solvent

Microfiber upholstery is usually of polyester and it’s better to use a solvent-based cleaner.

Removing Dirt

Like most upholstery microfiber upholstery gets dusty, dirty, and soiled from crumbs. They are very soft and rich to feel.  To remove these pollutants use a vacuum with a flat and wide nozzle and glide over all turns and folds of your furniture, on the sides and back weekly. Regular upkeep keeps things hygienic. If the fibers seem flattened, use a soft bristled dry brush to restore its feel.

Removing Pet Hairs

Though microfiber upholstery is said to be pet-proof, one notices pet hair on the upholstery which sticks due to static electricity. They have tough threads and can withstand pet nails and scratches. The hair or fur may be removed by wiping or using a lint brush. Also, pet stains come off with water and mild soap.

Stain Removal from Microfiber Upholstery

These are the most preferred upholstery no doubt but they do get wet stains and watermarks. So if you have a problem with a liquid spill like juice or milk, read the label first. Then quickly wipe the stain using a moist clean cloth. Do this gently and refrain from rubbing hard. Using a hair dryer on cool settings can dry off any residue. For mild spills, a good old baby wipe can work wonders.

If you have kids at home spilling buttery fries, greasy potatoes, and oily curries may be frequent occurrences. For grease and oil stains directly applying dishwashing soap to the stain is the first step followed by blotting with a sponge. Wipe till the stain disappears. Or the other option is hiring Upholstery cleaning Brisbane professionals.

For any dry stains from food, or confectioneries lift the mark using a soft-bristled brush. Scrub the top to the bottom area till the stain becomes invisible. If the label allows you can further clean with a moistened cloth.

What to Do If There Is No Manufacturer’s Cleaning Instructions or Label?

There are occasions when your microfiber upholstery has no cleaning instructions. In such cases do not worry as they are usually easier to tackle than other fabrics since they are polyester fabrics. You really need three things to clean- an upholstery brush, water, and a gentle mild soap. Since you do not know much about the effect the solution will have, do a small test on an insignificant area of the upholstery to check for any reaction. When dealing with spots, use a white soft cloth. Rub always in a gentle circular motion from the outside towards the center and let dry naturally. Use a soft-bristled brush to lift the microfibers for you to get back the texture of the upholstery. After cleaning up, allow natural drying. It’s advisable to promptly clean up after a spill. But if you fear ruining your precious upholstery, just ring in Upholstery cleaning Perth professionals.