Why is it Essential to Clean Liquid Stains Quickly from the Couch?

Our couches and furniture add colors, style, and décor to our living rooms. We use attractive and unique furniture to add creativity and uniqueness to our living room. We usually ignore the cleanliness of living room furniture and mostly clean it on special occasions. 

Our furniture and couches are good absorbers of dirt, dust, and allergens. They easily absorb bacteria and germs from the environment. But ignoring and delaying the cleanliness of couches can affect their appearance adversely. It can cause dirt and dust to settle in the couches which also cause foul odor and stains on the couches.

Clean Liquid Stains Quickly from the Couch

We make the most common mistake is not cleaning liquid stains quickly from the couches. The liquid reaches the deeper surface of the couch which causes rough stains that badly affect the appearance of your couches. So, Couch Stain Removal is essential to prevent permanent staining and protect your couches from stains. You can use baking soda and vinegar for couch stain removal.

Many liquids can cause permanent stains and need couch stain removal instantly. They are:

  1. Red wine:

The red wine should be cleaned instantly with baking soda and vinegar to clean it. The red wine contains strong pigments that cause permanent staining. So, it is necessary to clean red wine immediately to prevent permanent staining on your couches.

2. Urine:

It is advised to clean urine immediately as it will penetrate the inner surface of couches and cause a bad odor. So, it can be cleaned by using baking soda and lemon juice. You can also spray the baking soda and lemon juice on the couch. Then sprinkle some baking soda on the fabric and rub it with the help of a brush. After brushing it, keep the couch in the sunlight for 2 hours and your couch will get rid of bad odor and urine stain.

3. Vomit:

Sometimes our family members might not feel well and throw out on the couch. The vomit should be cleaned immediately with a wet towel or damp cloth. You can also clean the stain on your couch with vinegar and bleaching liquid. So, dry your couch in the sunlight to kill all the germs and bacteria.

4. Alcohol:

While enjoying with our guests, alcohol can spill on your couch. You can remove the stain on the couch by immediate action. Do not delay it as it will cause permanent staining on your couch and make it unpleasant to look at. So, clean the alcohol with vinegar. Drip the damp cloth in vinegar and rub it. After rubbing it with vinegar, you can also use lemon to clean it efficiently.


Our couches and furniture are the life of the living room. They make our living room attractive and wonderful. Stains on the couches can leave a bad impression on your guests. If you ignore or delay in cleaning liquid stains from your couch it might cause permanent stains. The stains adversely affect the appearance of couches. So, you cannot use a stain full and unpleasant couch in your living room. Also, it is better to remove stains on your couches immediately by hiring the best couch cleaning experts in Brisbane.