Upholstery Protection

What Is Scotchgard Upholstery Protector?

Scotchgard Upholstery protector works as an invisible barrier between upholstery fabric and all the stains, soil, dirt and liquids spills. Its applied by coating a solvent based product on the fabric of the sofa. This coating is liquid repellant and makes any spills to bead up and prevent its soaking by the fabric. This coating is generally based on Teflon, which is colourless and odourless after the application. The Teflon coating on the fibres and fabric of the sofa does not allow any liquid to penetrate in the sofa, make the liquid bead up and fall between the fibres rather than seeping deep within. This protective barrier also prevents the discolouration of the fabric by the stains and helps in easy removal of the staining liquid. In case of any spill or stain, you can easily wipe the affected area with a cloth and get rid of the staining liquid without it affecting the fabric within. Upholstery and sofa are prone to accumulate a lot of dirt dust and mud which can damage the fabric and make your sofa dirty. Scotchgard protector protect the dust from settling in and holds it above the fibres. You can easily clean the sofa with a vacuum or a brush and get rid of all the dust and dirt. The protector makes routine Upholstery Cleaning by vacuum more effective and maintains your upholstery clean and tidy.

Upholstery Protection
Upholstery Protection

Why Get Scotchgard Upholstery Protector?

Scotchgard protector is an excellent method to prevent your upholstery from stains, spills and dirt accumulation. It is highly advisable that you get it installed on the upholstery asap. Not to mention the application of Scotchgard not only prevent the sofa fabric but also maintains the quality and life of the fabric.

  • Protects from liquid spills and stains effectively
  • Preserves the appearance and beauty of the sofa and upholstery
  • Resists settlement of dirt, dust and mud and prevents it from penetrating
  • Helps prevent the growth of germs, bacteria and fungi and maintains the hygiene
  • PRotects the quality and comfort of the sofa by avoiding dirt and stains
  • Increases the life of upholstery and slows down the wearing of your sofa
  • It has been confirmed by the research that it slows down the wearing of your sofa by at least 25% and prevent stains from permanently damaging the upholstery.

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