How to Sanitize Your Upholstery

All of us have some kind of upholstery at home and it is necessary to keep it clean. Sanitizing your upholstery prevents bad odour and accumulation of germs. It is therefore of great importance in maintaining hygienic conditions at home. Sanitizing does not involve too many complications. Our couch cleaners are available to help you in Melbourne.

Best Sanitizing Upholstery

You Just Need To Follow a Few Steps to Get It Done

Step 1: Get All The Materials Ready.

To sanitize your upholstery, you must get all the materials ready. Purchase all upholstery cleaning equipment before you start to sanitize your upholstery. This helps you decide on the method you want to follow and also to understand the time taken to finish the task.

The Things That You Will Need to Sanitize The Upholstery Are:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A bucket
  • Several clean cloths
  • Mild soap
  • An upholstery brush
  • Stain removal sprays or spot cleaners

Step 2: Clean your Upholstery With a Vacuum Cleaner

Suction cleans a good percentage of dirt and is, therefore, a good way to sanitize your upholstery. However, before you begin, always inspect the condition of your upholstery. If the material is too delicate, for example, if it is silk or soft linen, then you cannot have the vacuum cleaner set on a very high suction mode.

The suction needs to below so that the quality of the fibres is not compromised. Upholstery made of fabrics like suede, corduroy, chenille, or velvet has a tendency to trap grime. For such materials, high suction in a left to right motion is ideal.

You should always vacuum in short strokes. Being thorough is of utmost importance. Make sure that you get under and around the cushions and also the seams.

Step 3: Get Rid of All Stains and Spots on your Upholstery

An important part of sanitizing your couch & Upholstery involves cleaning stains and spot removal. Stains and spots are pretty common and if taken care of immediately, they tend to not become permanent. For upholstery made of polyester acrylic fabrics, cotton, or even jacquard, use a dirt cleaning spray or mist.

Then cover the stain or the spot with a cleaning agent and rub gently with a cloth. After that, you can vacuum clean it. This gets rid of a good percentage of spots. Do not rub the spot too hard to remove a stain. Instead, you can repeat the whole process several times until the spot is completely clean. However, do not repeat more than three times. That might cause irreparable damage to the fabric.

Step 4: Sudsing And Washing Your Upholstery.

Check if your upholstery has the labels “W” or “WS” on it. Either of these labels means that it is suitable for washing. In a small bucket, mix warm water with some mild soap and create a lot of suds. Dip your upholstery brush in it and very gently sweep it across the fabric.

Do not completely soak it. Once you have cleaned your upholstery with the brush, use a clean cloth to wipe it down and let it dry completely before you use it. To have professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne, can contact us online.