How to Sanitize A Couch?

A couch is one of the comfortable and elegant decors of every home. Maintaining the original look of your couch is not at all an easy job. No matter how much ever you be careful but it gradually becomes the home of dirt, allergens, stains and bad odour. With regular usage, the couch becomes very dirty and will even start smelling. A filthy couch can cause many types of breathing problems to the users, so it is very important to clean and sanitize it. Many homeowners just clean the couch and do not sanitize it. The bad smell remains on your couch when you do not sanitize it. Sanitization helps in disinfecting the couch. To give your couch a good and fresh look sanitize it with the proper method and right solution. Below are the methods will help you in sanitizing your lovely couch.

Couch Sanitizing Service
Couch Sanitizing Service

Best Methods to Sanitize A Couch

  • Step 1: Vacuum Your Couch Thoroughly: –

    In the first step, all you have to vacuum your couch thoroughly to remove all the dirt particles, pet hairs and other particles, residing on your couch. Make sure you are even vacuuming beneath the cushions as there are many particles hidden over there. Thoroughly vacuuming will help in cleaning the couch effectively. Choose a vacuum machine that can be attached with a brush so that all the corners can also be vacuumed properly. 

  • Step 2: Prepare The Solution: –

    In the next step, prepare the solution. Experts advise to not use any kind of chemical products available in the market to sanitize your couch as these chemicals can harm the fabric. It is better to use a homemade solution that is safe for the fabric. To make the solution take half part of vinegar and half part of water and then mix it well. Vinegar is the strong and safe solution used by most of the homeowners to sanitize your sofa. Fill the vinegar solution in a spray bottle to better apply.

  • Step 3: Apply The Solution: –

    To apply the solution, just spray it directly on the couch. Do not wet the couch just slightly wet it. Make sure you are spraying the solution in the entire areas and corners of the couch. You can take a sponge and damp the solution. Do not rub the solution as the situation may get worse. Use the proper technique when you apply the solution. Let the solution be on your couch for some time. It takes a little time for the solution to get deeply into the couch and work. 

  • Step 4: Rinse The Couch: –

    Afterward, take some water and rinse your couch. Ensure that you are removing all the solution out of your couch in this step. Do not drench your couch completely just spray the tap water and blot the solution and water by using a fresh cloth or sponge. You can press the sponge on the couch and remove the excess amount of solution. Clean the couch thoroughly so that no vinegar is left out in it.

  • Step 5: Let The Couch Dry: –

    In the last step, let the couch dry completely. Do not use your couch until it is completely dried as there is a chance of mould formation. You can use a vacuum machine or dryers to dry the couch fastly. Let the couch dry overnight and on the next day, you can set it to use. Open windows and run the fans overnight so that the couch is dried by the next morning. The next morning, inspect your couch and if you didn’t get the better results then you can follow the procedure again as many times as homeowners do not receive the desired outcome in the first go. 

Professional Couch Cleaning


Professional Couch Cleaning

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