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General upholstery cleaners do not fully clean up your upholstery. Some soil and allergens remain on it and they grow again and again. So you should search for some specialized upholstery cleaning services which result in complete removal of soil and allergens and make your upholstery like new again. For this, you have to approach Fresh Upholstery Cleaning. Only a certified team like we have for upholstery cleaning Frankston can serve you with such a type of service. We are certified, we are reliable, we are authorized and we are present for you at any point in time whenever you need our support. You can easily. see the difference in our upholstery cleaning before and after. So, you can believe in us like a family member and we will solve your upholstery cleaning problem in no time.

Cleaning Services That Our Upholstery Cleaners Offer For you

Our successful cleaners cover every type, area and fabric of your upholstery. You cannot believe your eyes when you see our cleaning results. It is commendable and that is why we have been rated 5 stars in annual ratings. We have specialization in some of the services as:

  1. Fabric And Leather Sofa Cleaning

Whether your sofa is of leather or of fabric, we can clean it completely without any harm to your delicate sofas. We are A grade fabric and Leather Sofa Cleaner and are mostly recommendable by our customers. So when you are in doubt to hire some professional cleaners in Frankston then you can easily book us by just calling our helpline number.

  1. Fabric And Leather Couch Cleaning

The more comfort that couches provide, the more is its maintenance. Their cleaning is not a game for kids. It requires lots of planning and execution which only a well-trained cleaner like our fabric and leather couch cleaner can do. So, feel free to book us for your new couch cleaning service. We also provide Steam Cleaner For the Couch.

  1. Leather And Fabric Lounge Cleaning

For your lounge to shine like before you have an option to hire us which you feel is best for you when you see the results. Our appreciable customer service makes you satisfied as never before. Our passionate lounge cleaning staff does their work very rapidly and with high quality so you get your lounge as soon as possible for use.

  1. Furniture Cleaning

If your furniture is untidy, it gives a messy appearance to your room. So, for cleaning, we are ready as soon as you adopt our service. We cleanse your furniture with the use of an upholstery cleaning spray and return the previous shine of your furniture and also return the awesome appearance of your room.

Result Oriented Upholstery Cleaning Methods That We Follow

Upholstery Steam Cleaning Frankston

It is a very advanced cleaning technique that removes all the allergens and gives you a healthier upholstery. In this technique, our upholstery steam cleaners removes all the bacteria and dirt with the help of steam. All the stains get easily cleaned with the exposure of steam. 

Upholstery Mould Removal Frankston

Extermination of mould is very necessary as it causes serious health issues like sneezing, irritation and even asthma. We detect mould in your house and remove them with suitable procedures as their growth causes the eating of a part of the upholstery.  

Upholstery Sanitization Frankston

Our experts find out the spores and small spaces in your upholstery and sanitize it with special sanitizing agents. It removes all the viruses and bacteria that are present in the void spaces and gives you a healthy life.

Upholstery Stain Removal Frankston

Do you think you can do Upholstery Cleaning At Home? You also tried your best but the stubborn stains do not remove easily. That is why our talented cleaners use specialized solutions which remove all the stains in only one wash. Contact us today!

Upholstery Deodorisation And Odour Removal

There are many fresheners available in the market which remove all the odours but they are all for temporary use. Avail of our services by searching Upholstery Cleaning Near Me which takes you out of this problem. We can do permanent odour removal and deodorise your upholstery and you will feel fresh after that again.

Upholstery Dry Cleaning Frankston

We are the best dry cleaners that use organic products for cleaning your upholstery and protect it from damage. It gives your upholstery a shiner look as never before.

Dedicated Service For Upholstery Scotchgard Protection

If you try our upholstery Scotchgard service Frankston once, we make sure that you will recommend others for it. It gives you a fabric protection treatment that increases the life of your fabric. Scotch adds up a layer to your fabric and protects it from stains and spots and also saves your money of cleaning again and again. Our Scotchgard services include:

  • Upholstery Stain Protection 
  • Furniture Fabric Protection
  • Leather Upholstery Scotchgard Protection

Hire us immediately if you want to increase the durability of your costlier upholstery.

Advantages of Using Upholstery Cleaning Services From Us

You will always be in profit after choosing our services as we combine commitment and dedication with our work which can be easily visible in our results. Our professionals are consumer-friendly and of unassertive nature so you feel us like a family. We are telling you about some profitable points which you can gain from our Upholstery Cleaning Company:

  1. Dries Quicker: Our specialized technicians use innovative air dryers which do fast-drying within minutes so you can use your favourite upholstery rapidly.
  1. More Life To Your Upholstery: We use such types of Upholstery Cleaning Sprays and upholstery cleaning solutions which clean your upholstery in a very safe manner. Through this, the life of your upholstery increases and this saves your money in replacing it.
  1. Safe For All Fabrics: Our experts use green and organic products for cleaning which helps in preventing damage of fabrics and leather of your couch, sofa and lounge. They are safest for all.
  1. No Harsh Chemicals: Harsh chemicals cause severe damage to your upholstery and the result is your sofa or couch cannot be reusable after that. But you will not bear this problem with us as we have eco-friendly cleaning materials with us.
  1. Zero Residue: All methods and equipment are of the latest technology and they do not leave any residue of cleaning solution on your sofa. It also prevents you from bad odour and spreads a pleasant smell all around.

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The Best Upholstery Cleaning Company

We have been living in Melbourne for more than 15 years now. Upholstery cleaning was considered a luxurious and expensive service a few years back. And then when the rates went down, even the service was deteriorated. We had tried different professional cleaners in Melbourne but were not satisfied. Then we came across Fresh Upholster Cleaning. And to our surprise they did an impressive job at a very reasonable price. I can say this with confidence that this is the Best Upholstery Cleaning Company in Melbourne!
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I love the Upholstery cleaning service

I got impressed with the work of Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Services in the first instance only. They have a competent team, smart enough to deal with the task. You will get the value for your money. I got cleaned two Couches and one sofa. Thank you, Fresh Upholstery Cleaning for your wonderful work. My mother is quite happy seeing the furniture. I would like to definitely recommend you to everyone.
- Sarah

Satisfactory with six seater sofa set cleaning!

The only good company in Melbourne when comes to sofa cleaning is Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Services. The response was instant and they were willing to come the same day. I had a six seater sofa set which took less than 40 mins to 'clean'. We had tough stains but because it hadn't been cleaned for few years it was not easy to remove such stain. They remove the stain it look like we brought the sofas today. Very professional service we received from them. Highly Recommended from us too 🙂
- Saabrin

Professional Couch Cleaning Service

Fresh upholstery cleaning is the best company in Melbourne. They cleaned couches very professionally. Couch cleaner arrived on time. Leather protection also very professional. Recommend upholstery cleaning company.
- Yin

Reliable, Professional, and Trained Upholstery Cleaners

Now I know why Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is so popularly known for its valued customer service and quality upholstery cleaning services. When I called them yesterday at my home for some upholstery cleaning, I figured out that they have reliable, professional, and trained upholstery cleaners who are extremely friendly and courteous too. So overall the job was done without any hassle and we enjoyed it thoroughly.
- Rhys Arnott

Impeccable Upholstery Cleaning!

Fresh upholstery cleaners offer an impeccable service. My white couch, leather sofa, and dining table chairs have been thoroughly cleaned. All stains are gone and they smell great now. Wow!
- Henry