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Truth About Dirt In Upholstery And It’s Cleaning

Cleaning The Dirt Off Of Your Upholstery

A dirty sofa can make you ill. Yes, a dirty sofa is a home to nasty bacterias which can prove to be very harmful to your health. These bacterias can also trigger your allergies. Especially people who are dealing with asthma can have major allergic reactions because of them. It is a fact that common viruses can live for up to 24 hours on upholstery.

So, if all of a sudden you have a cold now you know why. Not only is a dirty couch harmful to your health it is also harmful to your skin. Upholstery consumes grease/oil, even if you do not eat food on your couch, you leave the excess oil from your skin to your couch which becomes a residue. When your fresh skin comes into contact with this residue grease it causes acne. That is why upholstery cleaning is important in regular basis for your overall hygiene.

Cleaning The Dirt Off Of Your Upholstery

To maintain a proper hygiene regimen you will have to clean your sofa at least on a weekly basis. You can follow these simple maintenance steps to get rid of all the bacteria and dirt on your couch. 

Bristle Brush 

Use a bristle brush to brush off the dirt on your couch. Using a brush you can easily remove hair, pieces of fabric, lint, etc, it is one of the most simple techniques to keep your couch clean. You can even follow this step on a daily basis. 


If you were not able to clean all the items by using a bristle brush you can further use a vacuum on a low setting. Through a vacuum, you can even clean the deeply inserted dirt from your couch. If your cushions are not attached to your couch you can even remove them to clean that area.

Clean the non-fabric part 

You should also clean the non-fabric part of your sofa like sofa feet. Simply, mix your liquid soap with water and damp a washcloth to wipe the non-fabric parts.

Clean Your Cushions 

Clean your cushions as well, as you also use them regularly. To clean your cushion try beating them to get rid of the dirt. You can also put your cushion under the sun as the UV rays can disinfect it. 

Is The Dirt Gone Too Far And You Need Professional Assistance?

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