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How to Clean your Upholstery at Home? DIY Guide

When it comes to cleaning your upholstery then it can be a major nightmare. Upholstery is the most popular seating of the house so it easily accumulates stains, pet fur, and food crumbs. DIY Upholstery Cleaning tips are best to maintain hygiene and create the best impression. Everyday upholstery items get some wear and tear and this affects the quality and look of your sofa. To maintain the longevity and original look of upholstery it’s Importance of Upholstery Cleaning. With cleaning it’s possible to eliminate the foul smell, dampness, and stains. 

Here are DIY upholstery cleaning tips:

  • Start with the vacuum

It is important to remove all loose, dirty particles from your upholstery. So in the case of furniture vacuums come with nozzle attachments so that you can vacuum under and across the upholstery. To remove the fuzzy creatures from your upholstery you can use a lint roller and a fur brush. 

  • Water and white vinegar

DIY Upholstery Cleaning takes equal parts of water and white vinegar and mixes them perfectly. To wipe the surface gently, take a soft and clean cloth and dip it in the mixture. Clean a sofa with a fresh towel and after that with a soft cloth wipe the entire length. So, this will help to restore the shine of the Leather Upholstery.

  • Rubbing alcohol

Take a muslin cloth and rub alcohol on it, in case of fungus and mold, and after that to remove mold and clean out the dirt wipe your upholstery gently. If you want to remove the ink stains then before rubbing the stains with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, take a paper towel and dab it properly to absorb the ink. If you have leather upholstery then it’s important to check the alcohol compatibility with the leather. 

  • Olive Oil and vinegar

On the soiled area of your upholstery apply vinegar directly and before using a soft cloth dipped in olive oil let it dry. Another solution that works perfectly to remove dirt and dust is to use a mild hand or dish soap. 

  • Dish Soap and water

If you have a polyester sofa then use the best Upholstery Cleaning method. Add regular water, and dish soap to remove the toughest stains. Dilute dish soap and water for tough stains and rub the solution over the stains with light strokes. Avoid pressing the sponge and continue the process till you observe that stains fade away. At last, take a soft and dry cloth to let it dry. 


It is very difficult to maintain your upholstery for a long time if you have pets and kids in your home. So in that case to remove the odor spread a thin layer of baking soda on your Upholstery and allow it to observe. Wait for several hours. After that use a vacuum to clean the baking soda or visit Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide. You can repeat this process once a week as you feel it’s necessary.

Cleaning The Dirt Off Of Your Upholstery

A dirty sofa can make you ill. Yes, a dirty sofa is a home to nasty bacterias which can prove to be very harmful to your health. These bacterias can also trigger your allergies. Especially people who are dealing with asthma can have major allergic reactions because of them. It is a fact that common viruses can live for up to 24 hours on upholstery.

So, if all of a sudden you have a cold now you know why. Not only is a dirty couch harmful to your health it is also harmful to your skin. Upholstery consumes grease/oil, even if you do not eat food on your couch, you leave the excess oil from your skin to your couch which becomes a residue. When your fresh skin comes into contact with this residue grease it causes acne. That is why upholstery cleaning is important in regular basis for your overall hygiene.

Cleaning The Dirt Off Of Your Upholstery

To maintain a proper hygiene regimen you will have to clean your sofa at least on a weekly basis. You can follow these simple maintenance steps to get rid of all the bacteria and dirt on your couch. 

Bristle Brush 

Use a bristle brush to brush off the dirt on your couch. Using a brush you can easily remove hair, pieces of fabric, lint, etc, it is one of the most simple techniques to keep your couch clean. You can even follow this step on a daily basis. 


If you were not able to clean all the items by using a bristle brush you can further use a vacuum on a low setting. Through a vacuum, you can even clean the deeply inserted dirt from your couch. If your cushions are not attached to your couch you can even remove them to clean that area.

Clean the non-fabric part 

You should also clean the non-fabric part of your sofa like sofa feet. Simply, mix your liquid soap with water and damp a washcloth to wipe the non-fabric parts.

Clean Your Cushions 

Clean your cushions as well, as you also use them regularly. To clean your cushion try beating them to get rid of the dirt. You can also put your cushion under the sun as the UV rays can disinfect it. 

Is The Dirt Gone Too Far And You Need Professional Assistance?

Search no more. We are here to help you with your dirty upholstery. We provide our customers with the best cleaning services in the industry. Our trained and skilled Upholstery Cleaner can make your sofa as good as new at a minimum price with maximum efficiency. Our professional upholstery cleaners are trained on a regular basis to fulfill the requirements of our customers. We at Fresh Upholstery Cleaning believe in saving our planet which is why we use environmentally friendly products.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now, to book our professionals upholstery cleaning service and save your sofa from getting dirty. 

Is upholstered furniture dirty and stained? Worry, not these professionals have got your back.

Having upholstered furniture is an investment financially and emotionally, you get to choose according to your style and the setting of your room. As much as these look beautiful and are comfy they get dirty and cleaning them is a task. Dirt, pollen, bread crumbs, food stains, drink stains, and germs all of these get lodged onto the upholstery making it dull and dirty.
Upholstery Cleaning Sevices

When you get back home from a long day a dirty couch is the last thing you want. To rid you of all your upholstery cleaning nightmares there are professional upholstery cleaning who keep your sofa clean and beautiful.

You get your sofa because you liked it so much so why not keep it that way? The sofa goes through a lot of things through the course for the day so it also needs some Tender Love and Care. So get upholstery cleaning professionals to do the job in the best possible way.

Upholstery cleaners can revitalize and refresh your home. They provide you with an excellent upholstery cleaning service that will extend the life of your furniture and keep it looking like you just got it…

Upholstery cleaning if done without proper knowledge may lead to ruining the whole piece of furniture. It involves the use of a lot of chemical detergents and may cause wrong reactions if precautions are not taken. It is better to let the professionals deal with it rather than spoiling our beloved piece of furniture.

We all look clean and better after we take a shower, the same goes for sofas. Professional cleaning improves the look of the sofa and adds to the aesthetics, regular cleaning keeps the sofa clean and germ-free. The better you care, the longer they last. This stands for cars, clothes, and furniture as well. The amount of care you take of your sofa reflects in its longevity. Upholstery cleaning increases the lifetime of the sofa and in good condition.

Sofas are a part of your day. They get a part of all the dirt, germs, food, drinks that you have on them and this might cause them to develop a stink. Professional upholstery cleaning helps you get rid of that smell and get back the freshness of your sofa or recliner.

Sofas are where you mostly get together with all your friends and family and other guests. With so many people in your house, you would want them to feel comfortable but that isn’t possible if the sofas aren’t clean and are stinky.

Upholstery is fibrous in nature hence it has a tendency to collect various types of allergens throughout its lifetime. Professional upholstery cleaning does an extensive cleaning and removes the pollen dirt or any other allergen that is present. So basically professional cleaning improves the air quality of your room.

Now you do not have to worry about stains or dirt on your sofa. Just get them cleaned professionally from Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne and sit back relaxed about your health and save your wealth for subsequent redresses.

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