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Tips to Keep Your Leather Couches Protected

One of the most sought-after and pleasurable home décor pursuits we do are taking time to choose a couch according to our own choice. Am sure you have had a wonderful experience going through several options and finally buying the one which suited your style. The market is full of heady and attractive options when it comes to couches. Among them, leather too is one and many prefer this to cloth fabrics simply because of its grand look and posh feel as the leather itself is expensive.

But as much as leather couches can uplift your living spaces they also need care and maintenance, especially in winter. You cannot ignore this if you want to retain its quality and richness. If looked after well, it gets better with age. It is one of those natural materials that are hardy and durable but can get vulnerable if not cleaned well.

Tips to Keep Your Leather Couches Protected

Couch cleaning Canberra specialists suggest to clients the dos and don’ts of leather couch cleaning. Regular care helps it from drying or cracking when the cold season sets in. If you neglect this over time these small cracks become bigger tears and cause ugly splits that need to be mended immediately. Every 6-12 months, your leather should be treated with periodic wiping and dusting of stains and dirt.

A Few Basic Facts on Leather

Before all these maintenance tips or suggestions bog you down let us make this easier for you. No, you do not have to right away call couch cleaning Melbourne experts; you start on your own. The good news is that leather is not porous and this makes it surfaces easier to clean and wipe and takes a short time to simply wipe it down the surfaces a couple of times a month and your couch should be okay.

Leather is after all animal skin and is cured and finished and then sold. But it is animal skin and can get dry and then will be prone to discoloration, spotting, staining, peeling, splitting, and cracking if your leather couch is not cared for it will not last long. So before you purchase a leather couch, understand the upkeep as the leather couch is an expensive investment. Buying leather furniture and not taking proper care will cost you money and time. Before buying do learn the difference between real and faux leather.

Regular leather couch cleaning:

 Clean leather appears better with time and lasts longer than those neglected dust and dirt-filled couches which are an eyesore. To keep your couch clean, practice vacuuming with the hose attachments regularly. This will remove dirt and debris that gets gathered around the cushions. Dust, dirt, and oils from your skin and hair can be attracted by your leather couch causing discoloration and leading to damage. So cleaning and vacuuming is necessary to preserve their natural glow and make your efforts look like those of couch-cleaning Canberra specialists!


 After cleaning your leather couch, use a protector to prevent future damage. Do a bit of research before purchasing a good quality one. Put the leather protector onto a microfiber cloth and work it gently. Remove the excess of the protector with a dry cloth. Adding these protective coatings keeps the moisture levels of the leather intact and ensures it last longer and doesn’t dry out.

Remember that after vacuuming simply wipe off loose contaminants and using a microfiber cloth wipe down the surface with a small quantity of water and a small amount of mild soap solution to remove any grease or grime. Avoid drenching leather as excess water can damage the leather and mildew and mold may start growing. Avoid using harsh soaps with tough chemicals as they harm the finish. Once this is done, use a leather cleaning kit that may include a protection plan to preserve your leather. These may be purchased at a furniture store or fair.

Leather conditioning

The next tip would be to purchase a good conditioner which may be applied twice a year. This keeps your leather couch looking rich, supple, and well maintained. The conditioner also seals the leather from the vulnerabilities of future stains, spots, and spills. For daily issues like food bits, juice spills, or greasy smears of body lotions you can simply use a clean damp rag or cloth to wipe the surface. Continued use of leather conditioner and cleaner can keep your leather furniture in better condition than when you purchased it and you can rest aside your worries about it developing cracks or tears. It won’t!

At What Frequency You Should Clean Your Leather Couch?

Like most things your leather couch requires maintenance. The frequency of cleaning depends on where you have placed your furniture. If it is in a place of frequent use like a living room or an obscure place like a study, the cleaning requirements will vary. Every two to four weeks vacuum and wipe it. Condition your couches once a year. Too much conditioning makes your couches grimy.  Do not place your leather couch in direct sunlight or too sunny areas as this can damage it. Also, be careful when having drinks and food as stains on leather are tougher to remove than on other fabrics.

Things to Avoid When Dealing With Your Leather Couch

  • Avoid carrying or holding a knife or any such sharp objects near your leather couch
  • Avoid using or spraying anything like perfumes, fragrances, hairspray, or anything flammable near your leather couch
  • Avoid mending a tear in your leather by sticking tape. Call in a Couch cleaning Canberra who also suggests repair jobs.
  • Never use water to wipe any grease use a damp cloth
  • Avoid using a hair dryer in case to tackle spills or water spots
  • Avoid exposing your leather couch to extreme temperatures as this could cause cracking, fading, and tearing
  • Avoid using any chemical cleaning agents that are not made for leather couches. Use only those that are made for leather
  • Avoid leaving newspapers, magazines, or other printed matter on the couch as ink in them might bleed

Leather is a beautiful and costly investment. If you purchase leather couch, looking after is a serious responsibility, or else its rich feel and glamour will be lost to cracks, stains, and dryness. For those who understand the risks of leather upkeep, you also have the option of seeking couch cleaning Melbourne specialists who provide cleaning and maintenance to have your leather couch look bright and beautiful.