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How to Shampoo A Fabric Couch

Fabric couches, especially those that are covered with some natural fabrics, absorb a lot of dirt and dust particles over time. They need to be cleaned every once in a while. Shampooing a fabric couch is a good way to clean it. When you shampoo a 4 Seater fabric couch, using the right kind of cleaning solutions, you can remove all layers of grime from even the smallest of crevices. However before you use a cleaning solution for shampoo, test it on an inconspicuous corner. This is to check whether the solution is suitable for the fabric. You can shampoo a 4 Seater fabric couch in two different ways; with a carpet cleaning machine or with an Aerosol cleaner.

Shampoo a 4 Seater Fabric Couch
Shampoo a 4 Seater Fabric Couch

The Details of Each of These Methods are Discussed Below:

Shampooing A 4 Seater Fabric Couch With A Carpet Cleaning Machine

  • Clean the whole surface of the couch with a vacuum cleaner. If the couch has attached cushions that cannot be removed, then use an upholstery brush attached with the vacuum cleaner to clean the sides and the crevices of the sofa.
  • Check the instructions on the carpet cleaning machine and fill it with water and cleaning solution. Make sure that the cleaning solution that you are using is suitable for the fabric of the couch.
  • Spread the solution of all over the couch. Do not let the fabric soak up too much of the solution. Apply the solution to the cushions as well.
  • With the upholstery brush attached to the vacuum cleaner scrub the surface of the couch. Do not scrub too harshly as that will cause considerable damage to the fabric
  • Use the carpet cleaning machine over the couch and around the cushions. Draw out as much moisture as possible as you use the machine over the couch.
  • Once the couch has been cleaned thoroughly, let it dry before use. Even if the couch is slightly damp, do not sit or keep anything on it.
4 Seater fabric couch cleaning


4 Seater fabric couch cleaning

Shampooing A Fabric Couch With An Aerosol Cleaner

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the couch surface thoroughly. This will help get rid of all the loose dirt particles that might otherwise cause a mess during shampooing.
  • Spray the aerosol cleaner from the sides of the couch and the cushions. Do not spray too much on one part. Make sure that it is spread over the entire couch.
  • Let the cleaner sit on the couch for a while. The recommended time period will be given on the Aerosol can.
  • Dip a clean sponge in water and rub the whole surface of the couch. Do not scrub too hard, but use blotting motions. If you rub too hard then you will end up pushing the dirt particles further into the fabric fibres.
  • Wipe the residue or the extra water with a dry cloth or a thick paper towel. While letting the couch dry, remove the cushions (if they are not attached to the couch). This will quicken the drying process.
  • Let the couch dry completely before you start using it.

Shampoo a 5 Seater or 4 Seater Fabric Couch

Shampooing a 5 seater or 4 seater fabric couch is not a different thing so you can apply the above-given methods. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne can understand that there will be problems in cleaning with the increase in the area.


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