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How To Sanitize Your Sofa?

Your couch tolerates many things and still stays ready for your kids and pets. The sofa continuously exposed to dirt, debris and other things, which makes it unhygienic, though you might be cleaning it by regularly vacuuming the surface of your couch. But that’s not enough, the bacteria still live there and cause more harm than dirt and dust. To completely clean your couch you need to sanitize it, to do that you need to follow a few steps, which has been mentioned below.

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Follow This Simple Steps Which Is Made For Deep Couch Cleaning.

The sofa comes in different shapes and materials, some of the types have removable and washable cushions. A cotton-blend or linen sofa can be easily cleaned using natural ingredients. However, before starting, check your couch, which material is used in it. Most of them have tags, same as specified below:

  • The “W” type: Fit for water cleaning.
  • The S type: Solvent-based cleaner can be used in cleaning.
  • The SW type: Can be cleaned using water or solvent cleaner.
  • The X type: Should be clean by vacuum cleaner only.

Once you have figured out the material of Sofa start cleaning:

Take a soft bristle brush or a towel, and clean the sofa. Remove or break any dried spot or spill and clean the sofa completely. Do not use any dye cloth or sponge, it may leave the colour spot on the couch.

Deep Clean:

Baking soda is a very important cleaning agent in your home, its use is not limited to baking. By sprinkling some amount will remove odour and stain, moreover, it’ll sanitize the fabric. After sprinkling it on all over the couch surface, leave it for at least 20 minutes, the baking soda will set into the fabric and absorb any odour and break down the Sofa stains. Vacuum the surface afterward thoroughly, install a brush on the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning with a solution.

Now, use a cleaning solution, you can either make one on your own using white vinegar, dishwashing soap, water and baking soda or you can buy a commercial cleaning agent from a local store. Before using anything do a fabric test. Use the solution on a small spot on the sofa and notice any difference. If discolouration happens ar the color of the sofa fabric fades do not use it. If everything is fine, then go ahead and clean it. Pour some solution on a soft cloth and wipe the couch surface, do not use any dye cloth, use a normal white towel like cloth. You’ll see that the dirt is coming out in cloth, after wiping dry your couch in fresh air or turn on the fan.

Upholstery Sanitization Service

Upholstery Sanitization Service

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