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How to Remove Wax Spills from Upholstery

Nowadays, candles have become a popular decoration in most homes. They come in a myriad of colours, shapes, smells, and designs. Scented candles can fill an entire room with captivating aroma; whilst also bestowing a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

Unluckily, using candles also involves dealing with their wax spills. Candles burn for long periods by slowly melting off the wax they are made of. Naturally, this wax can land on your beautiful upholstery if you are not cautious. Wax spills can be particularly hard to get rid of without professional know-how. Don’t panic if you accidentally dripped some wax on your upholstery. There are many techniques used by our expert upholstery cleaners who can effectively remove spilled wax without harming your upholstery.

It might seem like your chair or couch is completely ruined when you first drop some wax on them. However, removing wax spills from upholstery is not that difficult if you know the correct technique. This article will tell you about an easy and simple procedure to remove wax from upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning Service
Upholstery Cleaning Service

How to Remove Wax Spills From Upholstery

  • Stuff a plastic bag or polythene with ice.
  • Put the plastic bag on spilled wax and allow it to freeze.
  • Scrape off the frozen wax using a dull knife or a spoon. Be careful not to damage or cut the fabric of the upholstery.
  • Cover the remaining wax with a paper bag or a thin towel.
  • Set your iron to lowest heat setting and run it over the towel or paper bag. This will melt the remaining wax and it will be soaked into a towel.
  • Move the part of the towel soaked in wax off the affected area of upholstery. Lay the clear part of paper bag or towel on spilled wax; repeat steps 4 and 5 to absorb more and more wax.
  • If there is still some wax left on upholstery, take a spare cloth with denatured alcohol or rubbing alcohol and rub it on the affected area of your upholstery. We advise trying this cloth on a small and hidden part of furniture to check for side effects.
  • If even the rubbing alcohol fails to remove wax spills from your upholstery, we recommend trying hydrogen peroxide. Once again, rub a soaked cloth on the small and hidden part first to see if it bleaches the fabric of the furniture. Pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on spilled wax and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then rub the affected area using a dry cloth.
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We hope you found our article helpful. Do you know any other way to remove wax spills from upholstery? Let us know in the comments below.

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