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How to Remove Chocolate Stains on Silk Covered Upholstery

Children are very obsessed with eating chocolates, and when at home, you cannot control how they litter the chocolates on the furniture and other home fittings. And their major places of performing their antics happen on the sofa. 

Remove Chocolate Stains
Remove Chocolate Stains

What if the sofa is upholstered with silk and linen material? How do we get rid of the stains?

Removing Chocolate Stains on Silk and Linen 

How to remove chocolate stains from couch made of silk and linen is realisable by following these steps: 

  • Remove the leftover pieces of chocolate from silk or linen using tissue paper or a piece of fabric, then leave the chocolate to harden.
  • Now the hardened residue is scraped with a spoon or with nails. Turn the piece of silk or linen, then rinse the inside of the stain with cold water.
  • Turn the piece of silk or linen on the right side, then put a non-bleaching washing liquid (does not contain chlorine) on the stain area, because it weakens and damages the silk or linen fibers made of cellulose, which may lead to the appearance of holes in the stain place, then leave the piece with washing liquid for several minutes.
  • Soak a piece of silk or linen in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes, then rub the area of ​​the stain with the fingers, followed by rinsing it in cold water for a minute, which is how couch cleaning services do it.
  • Add washing powder to the bowl containing the silk piece or linen and leave it for another 5 minutes, and repeat the previous steps until the effects of the stain are completely gone, and special materials can be used to remove the stains if the stain is difficult.
  • Wash a piece of silk or linen with washing powder, then make sure that the stain is completely gone before moving to the drying stage, and repeat the previous steps until the stain is no longer remaining.

Remove Chocolate Stains from The Fur

Chocolate stains can be removed from the fur and felt by following these upholstery cleaning in Perth tried and tested steps: 

  • Remove the leftover chocolate pieces from the fur by mixing a small amount of soap with hot water, and move or shake it to create a thick foam. 
  • Cover the fur with a foam, then wipe the spot with a clean cloth dampened in water.
  • Sprinkle the starch powder over the stain and leave it long enough to absorb the effects of the remaining oils, then remove the traces of the powder with a brush, and repeat the process until the effects are gone. 

Remove Chocolate Stains With Enzymes 

Enzymes work to remove various stubborn stains from fabrics, and are considered one of the main couch stain removal ingredients in detergents, and enzymes having many positives, as they are gentle on the skin, which encourages housewives to use them, as they are sustainable, interact naturally, and are biodegradable, and can be used to remove chocolate stains, by following these steps:

Remove Chocolate Stains on Silk Covered Upholstery
Remove Chocolate Stains on Silk Covered Upholstery
  • Remove excess chocolate, and rinse it with cold water.
  • Apply enzyme removal powder over the place, or any stain remover before washing it.
  • Repeat the process if there are traces of the stain before drying. A safe bleach can also be used on the upholstery. 


Chocolate stains on the upholstery is one of the most unavoidable stains on our furniture pieces. Until recently, the task of removing this seemed to be exclusively for Fresh Upholstery Cleaning. But not any more. Now, following the method on this article are helpful and best ways to do it and get maximized results.

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