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How To Clean Upholstery In Nine Easy Steps

Upholsteries are the combination of crafted solid work and shiny fabrics that incur a substantial amount of investment. It is these upholsteries, which speak not just of the class but also the status of your livelihood. Hence, proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep the upholstery look like ever new. Moreover, cleaning is essential because dirty upholstery is a host to various allergies, infections, and other physical disorders for you and your family members.

There are many professional upholstery cleaning companies that can help you in the best possible manner. All you have to do is fix an appointment and hire them for the day as per your convenience. However, many a time, doing it yourself also becomes the call for need. Be it couch cleaning or fabric or faux leather sofa cleaning, the following few steps can make your task to clean them easily.

Step 1: Plan The Schedule And Fix The Day

It is very much necessary to fix the day of cleaning. Moreover, we should also take a brief note about the details of the cleaning task. These details generally include the count, purpose, and hence procedure of cleaning.

Which upholsteries require cleaning? Do all the upholsteries have stains? Which one is releasing odor? Which one needs to be steam cleaned? Answers to all these questions must be clear in your planning chart.

Step 2: Make A List Of The Articles You Need For Cleaning

Before you start your cleaning task, you must have all articles and equipment within your access area. Additionally, to prevent any sort of mistake, prepare the list beforehand. Vacuum cleaners, wands, scrubbers, crevice tools, dust cleaner, brushes, sprayers; steam blower, sprayers, containers, towels, mop, containers, sponges, measuring tools, etc can be few very important articles, which you may require.

Step 3: Start Dusting From The Top

Dusting agitates and dodges the loose dust and debris from the surface of your upholsteries. Do it effectively by dusting wands or more effectively by vacuum cleaners.

You must start dusting from the ceiling part. The dust and debris fall down. So, if you clean the lower parts initially it well again gets dirty from the particles falling from the top-part cleaning. Hence, go for the ceiling-to-floor dusting pattern.

Step 4: Spot The Stains

After completing the dusting, spot the stains. Now classify the stains to be normal or stubborn.

Step 5: Go For The Stubborn Stains

After completing the classifying the stain, start treating them accordingly. Solutions of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and baking soda can be the most preferred choice for upholstery stain removal. Avoid hard cleaning agents for expensive fabric or leather sofa and other such upholsteries.

Step 6: Complete Your Entire Stain-Cleaning Task

After cleaning the stubborn stains, clean all other stains and marks from the surface of your upholstery. Natural and mild cleaning agents are sufficient for removing normal stains.

Step 7: Inspect Whether Steam Cleaning Is Required Or Not?

Few types of upholstery may require steam treatment. Inspect whether the requirement persists or not? If it does, use your steamer equipment to thoroughly steam over them and then wipe them with clean cotton cloth or towel.

Step 8: Check For Odor

Your upholsteries are clean for the eyes now. However, it should be clean for the nose too. So check for odor or smells from them. Baking powder or upholstery deodorizer available in the market can take you out of this issue. Sprinkle or spray them and leave them for an hour or two.

Step 9: Vacuum And Ventilate

Now your upholsteries are completely free from stain and odor. However, sometimes cleaning solutions leave residues. To remove those, again vacuum your upholsteries. Do the vacuum in a ceiling-to-floor pattern. Then open the windows or use a high-speed fan for proper ventilation. This will help your upholsteries appear fresh and dry them up from moisture.

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