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How to Clean a Couch At Home

Couches are great to have in any home. But cleaning a couch can be a nightmare for anyone. Additionally, your couch needs regular maintenance, otherwise, it can get damaged easily. Couch cleaning by professionals may not be possible every time, so it is always better to have some tips and process to clean it at home.

Clean a Couch At Home
Clean a Couch At Home

So, Let’s See What are These Easy Steps to Clean a Couch at Home:

Vacuum – A hand vacuum can be an ideal option to clean a couch at home. In that case, you can also use the brush attachment of the vacuum to remove the surface dirt from the couch. The crevices of the couch can have pet hair build-up, food crumbs, and dirt accumulation, so you need to clean it by vacuuming both sides of it. To remove a lot of pet hair, the lint roller can be effective.

The Type of Fabric Also Depends – You can find instructions to clean the particular type of couch material in the printed label. The codes for different DIY couch cleaning tips & process are listed below:

  1. WS: The code WS indicates to steam it with a mild detergent or any dry cleaning agent.
  2. S: S indication is only for dry cleaning.
  3. X: X indicates to vacuum it.
  4. W: You can use water on it.

Remove The Stain First

A commercial cleaner can be useful for removing the stain from the couch. But you can also use any homemade solution to go to it. As these are cheap and more environmentally friendly than any other commercial solutions.

Here The Fabric Wise Stain Removal Process is Described Below:

  • Fabric Upholstery:
    Take ¼ cup of vinegar, warm water and dish soap Now apply on to the soiled area of that. Let it stay for at least 10 minutes. Rub it with any soft cloth to remove the stain. Now apply a moistened cloth to remove the soap from here.
  • Leather Upholstery:
    Mix ½ cup of olive oil with ¼ cup of vinegar. Now apply it to the area of the stain when Couch cleaning. Remove the foam with a damp cloth.
  • Synthetic Upholstery:
    Make a solution of ⅓ cup of vinegar, 1 cup of warm water, and 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Spray the solution onto the area. Scrub it until the stain gets removed.
  • Let The Couch to Be Dry –
    If there is any excess water on the surface, then soak it up using soft clothes. For humid weather, you can set up a table fan in front of it, so that it can be dried. Don’t hesitate to soak up the water from it, otherwise, it may have mold inside of it.
Upholstery Cleaning Service

Now you know all the methods to dry couch cleaning at home. But to make the job more perfect, you can book us. We have couch cleaning Melbourne expert people in our team who can handle this task more efficiently. So why wait? Give a call to us today.