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How Can You Handle Tough Stains from The Sofa?

Tough stubborn attains are just like utter pain in the body. You have spent lots of tactics and chemicals but they are far away from getting vanished. Sofa cleaning needs proper strategies and remedies for effective results. Spillages and stains on sofa and the sofa sheets can easily be tackled using perfect solutions on proper times.

Handle Tough Stains from The Sofa

Some Effective Solutions On Proper Times:

  1. Application of Baking Soda –

    Baking soda is quite popular due to its cleansing properties which can effectively handle even the toughest most stubborn stains. The use of baking soda is quite simplified and effective. A quarter cup of baking soda powder is needed to mix with one-eighth cup of tap water. Continuously stirring the colloidal solution makes a mediocre baking soda paste.
    Assist a clean cloth or spoon to apply the baking soda paste on the stains and without any disturbance leave the spot for about an hour. After an hour you can clean the particular spot via clean tap water and can see effective results. Baking soda is effective in removing stubborn stains of coffee and drinks.

  2. Soda Water for Stains –

    Soda water is also a quite effective cleansing agent due to certain specialized chemical properties and neutral pH. In sofa steam cleaning agents soda water is generally used as the main solute. Soda water is also recommended due to its odorless nature. Many agents leave awful chemical smell after the applications. This does not hold true with soda water.
    The cleansing process is quite simplified; pour the soda water in the spot which needs to be cleansed and let it dry. Don not apply any other chemical agent over the same, not even plain water. After the area gets dried the results are jaw dropping.

  3. Use of Acetic Acid Like Vinegar –

    When it comes to citric acid, people may get alarmed due to the term ‘acid’ added to it. Citric acid is nothing but mild edible acid which is generally used for cooking purposes widely. The major source of acetic acid in home is vinegar. Apart from removing stains vinegar can also be used for removing foul smell and cleaning corrosion. To prepare the vinegar solution you need white vinegar and a full cup of cold water.  Mix them together in a spray bottle and the remedy is prepared for use.

The application should be noted down with more concern. For an effective result, do not use the vinegar solution directly over the stains, especially when they are wet. Blot the area completely with a clean cloth and when it gets dried apply the vinegar solution over the stain. Continue the blotting till the stain does completely get removed. For better sofa cleaning, you can apply the vinegar solution multiple times over the stain for better results. 

Why Choose Us?

The above stated remedies are the effective and the most popular ones. But in some cases it gets so hard to get rid from stubborn stains. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is there for your ultimate rescue. We specifically use effective cleansing agents which commence with jaw dropping results. The entire problem related ‘stubborn stains’ get solved without damaging the original quality.