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Home-Made Upholstery Cleaner

Upholsteries generally hold a major part of our investments. It helps a lot in furnishing and decorating our homes which makes them very precious. We usually resist any or all those activities which might harm this possession of ours in any manner. We do our best to give our upholsteries attractive looks with designer cushions and covers, attractive wrappings, and polishes.
This enhances the look and elegance of our rooms making us feel great when any guest compliments us on the belonging of ours. Cleaning and maintaining upholstery is also equally important. We generally hire professional upholstery cleaning experts to get the service done. It is best to have knowledge about some at-home tricks too.
There are methods or rather processes by which we can design and make our own upholstery cleaner at home. We will be able to clean and brush them regularly, hence, maintaining their elegance and shine.

To clean and refresh the fabrics of your upholstery, follow the simple process whenever you are free from your office or other regular business 

The articles you require are white vinegar, lukewarm water, dish liquid soap, a hand spray bottle, and dry clean cloth.

Expert Sofa Cleaning Services Melbourne

Expert Sofa Cleaning Services Melbourne

Mix the white vinegar and dish liquid soap in 1:2 ratios in your spray bottle. After that, fill it with lukewarm water. Spray this mixture evenly on the fabrics of your upholstery where there are dust and soil. Scrub the spots gently with a dry clean cloth.
Repeat this process until you get the desired result. Once you get a clean surface, soak a clean cloth with lukewarm water and rub it over your upholstery. It will remove the excessive amount of detergent from the dish cleaner. After that wipe the spots with a dry clean cloth and allow them to dry.
After the cleaned areas are dry, now it’s time to refresh them. Make them leave a nice and pleasant smell which will make you feel delighted and refreshed. For this purpose, you require Baking Soda, a few drops of aromatic or perfumed oil with the smell of your preference. You will also need water, and a spray bottle.

Mix the baking soda, perfumed oil, and water in the spray bottle. Cover the lid of the bottle tightly and then shake the bottle so that the ingredients mix up thoroughly. Dissolve the baking soda completely into the solution. After doing this, spray the solution all over your upholstery. Do it in the manner as you spray your room freshener to experience a soothing and nice smell.

Few things to keep in mind while making your upholstery cleaner are as follows

  • Try the cleaner solution in some areas which are not visible externally to verify whether the solution is leaving any spot or not. If it does, increase the dilution by adding more lukewarm water to it.
  • Avoid using too much cleaner on any particular spot. Excessive moisture will not prove to be friendly to your upholstery.
  • Remove the loose suspended particles using a broom or vacuum cleaner. Do this prior to your application of the cleaner spray, from the surface of your upholstery.
Spot Stain Removal from Sofa Melbourne

Spot Stain Removal from Sofa Melbourne

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

In case you want to keep your leather upholtery free from stains, avoid making it discolored and keep it new forever, you can take the help of professional leather upholstery cleaning service. The professionals have in-depth knowledge about the leather cleaning technique. They use different chemicals in the desired quantity to ensure that quality while cleaning the leather upholstery.

The professionals have advanced equipment to catch the dirt and stains from hard to reach places. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted leather upholstery cleaning service, then  Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is a leader in all such services. The years of experience and wisdom and having served thousands of clients, it is one company providing leather cleaning services.

All you need to do is, give them a call on 0488 850 984 and get a professional right at your doorstep within time. The professionals take proper care of hygiene. They also sanitize your leather upholstery with a refreshing sanitizer. Get ready to renovate your leather upholstery in the best possible manner with the help of their expert services.