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Everything About Upholstery Cleaning

A recent study concludes that there are actually more bacteria on your family sofa than in a toilet. One of the dirtiest surfaces of a normal house is actually the couch. We hang out on it after a long day at work, sit down there to listen to a movie, and lay down when we are sick or unwell. It sounds like a reassuring nest, doesn’t it?
This is not really a surprise; upholstery furniture is like a large version of a sponge, except that instead of absorbing water, there are all kinds of outdoor allergens and flying bacteria that attach to it. One of the most common bacteria on your couch is Staphylococcus. This bacteria in particular can be the cause of cellulite, stomach upset, and pneumonia.
The normal couch also contains mold on the inside, not to mention the crumbs left behind, allergens, smoke residue, pollen, and millions of bacteria. While years of dust and dander accumulate on your furniture, it can make them look unpleasant and can cause  odors that you will not be able to detect until it’s too late. Your formerly white couch can be easily mistaken for a sand brown colored piece of furniture.

These are pretty terrifying things, aren’t they?

Sofa Cleaning Services Melbourne

Sofa Cleaning Services Melbourne

Upholstery Requires A Good Cleaning From Time To Time

You can take advantage of your annual cleaning to get them cleaned by professionals. Unless they are removable, it is difficult to clean a couch, sofa or mattress without having professional equipment.

While many household chores are easy to do by anyone, no one really bothers about cleaning upholstery furniture made of fabric or leather.  It is certainly advisable to entrust this work to a good and professional upholtery cleaning company which is reputable and can give best results. So let us now look at the various advantages of upholstery cleaning.

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Upholstery

  • It removes allergens such as pet hair, pollen and dander
  • This also helps making the padding last longer as all the bacteria that can damage it are removed from the surface
  • It makes the furniture more pleasant to look at
  • It gives a fresh smell to the furniture itself and also to the whole room

Cleaning the furniture can help get rid of over 70% of overhead bacteria and over 80% of bacteria on the surfaces of a room, making your environment healthier and happier.

Upholstery Stain Removal Services Melbourne

Upholstery Stain Removal Services Melbourne

Not just cleaning, but proper cleaning is essential

Most leathers can be cleaned with cleansing cream and a good horsehair brush. In some cases the use of a dry steam engine is necessary.  While the cleaning is not difficult to do, it is important that the cleaner used is of very good quality to properly hydrate the leather. Ways to get rid of upholstery related problems are as follows:-

Upholtery stain removal

 Stains removal on upholstery is very important, you can use a variety of products that needs proper knowledge regarding how to use them. Most spots can be cleaned although there are exceptions. To succeed you have to use the right product on the right spot. You also need to be patient and at times repeat the cleaning process several times.

Eliminate odors encrusted in furniture

An encrusted odor in the upholstery of a couch or sofa can be difficult to dislodge. Regular cleaning of the upholstery is mandatory to eliminate a bad smell like either cat urine, cigarette, pet odor or dust. There are certain ways to get rid of odor which only professionals know of.

Sofa Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Sofa Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Get rid of mites on sofas

People who are sensitive to dust mites should make sure to have the sofa cleaned every year to eliminate the mites that are there before they experience allergy symptoms. The cleaning of furniture by steam extraction is effective in such a case. The heat kills the mites and rinsing removes all allergenic residues from the tissue.

The anti-stain protector for upholstery

The whole family loves to relax on a nice, soft, cushioned sofa, and often have drinks or chips with friends. So living room furniture is at risk of receiving small damages. The anti-stain treatment applied to the fabric or leather provides protection that prevents liquids or dirt from entering the material and causing an indelible stain. It’s like life insurance for your upholstered furniture. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is best for anti-stain treatments.

So the next time you sit down to watch a movie, remember what’s underneath it … then remember that you can always consult with a professional furniture cleaning company to have it cleaned up.

Professional upholstery cleaning services

Call The Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service Provider

It is always best to consult professionals to say goodbye to upholstery germs. Since, your precious upholstery is not a thing which can be changed frequently, cleaning them is necessary to keep them working for a long time.

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning is an expert upholstery cleaning company with years of experience and expertise. Moreover, we have a track record of delivering the best services at an affordable price. 

Give us a call now to talk to our staff who is always there to assist you. We can clean all types of upholstery such as l-shape sofa, couches, recliners, etc. We also take care of armrests and headrests as well to make sure there are no germs anywhere.