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Best Methods to Remove Pet Hair from Upholstery

However, playing with fluffy pets gives you much more happiness, but you should be ready to face another side of having pets. It is quite difficult to clean the dander as well as the hair of pets from the upholstery if you share your upholstery with pets. Definitely, no one likes pet hair left on the upholstery furniture. It is not a big deal for cleaning the pet hair from upholstery if you will follow the right process with the ideal equipment. The pet hair removal from upholstery might be a little frustrating as they don’t leave the place in the first action. Vacuuming is known to be the best method for removing pet hair from upholstery items.

Remove Pet Hair From Upholstery
Remove Pet Hair From Upholstery

The process to Remove Pet Hairs from Upholstery 

Removing the Pet Hair

Before you start the action, try to remove the possible amount of hair from upholstery by a thorough vacuuming. Then you need to fill a half bucket with warm water and use warm water to save your time on the repeated trips. You should use a rubber glove, plunge your palm in water and make smooth motion running your hand on the upholstery surface by gentle pressing. The pet hair will fuse to the glove. You should repeat the same action one time or two times you will notice the surface is clean and free from hair. You need to dip your hand again in the bucket and clean your hand. Repeat the same process until the Upholstery Cleaning process does not provide effective results.

Use a Sponge to Remove the Pet Hair

This is known as the easiest method for removing pet hair from upholstery items. You should use the clean and dry sponge as well as run it slowly on the upholstery furniture. The hairs would stick on the sponge and your problem would be solved completely.

Prepare a DIY Lint Roller

This method is among convenient method for the total elimination of dog or cat hairs. The replacement sheet of the lint roller is quite expensive. However, instead of using the sheets, you need to wrap the packaging tape around the circle, the sticky side outside. This will help you to pick as much as possible hairs due to the power of friction.

Use Dryer Sheets to Pick-up the Pet Hairs

You can clean the pet hair from the body of your pet and make the process of upholstery cleaning easy. Run the fabric softener sheet over the pet. This will help to attract the remove pet hair from the couch and no need to brush it.

Vacuum Cleaner to Pick-up the Hair

Vacuuming plays a good role in eliminating pet hair from upholstery, but still, you would not be able to get good results. You can use liquid fabric softener to get the cleaning job done successfully.

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