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3 Sure Shot Ways to Clean your Sofa

Cleaning the sofa can be done in many ways. Household ways when properly applied can also be very effective sometimes. Sofa cleaning at home can also be done by you. But do you know what the simplest and simplest ways to clean your sofa are? You might already know about some of them. Regular effective sofa cleaning is necessary since it by far eliminates any microbes and any other pollutants of the sofa.

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Some Simple Ways Which You Can Apply Easily in your Household for Cleaning your Sofa Effectively:

  1. Sprinkling Baking Soda –

    Whenever there is a discussion about steam clean your sofa, it is necessary to name baking soda at least once. Baking soda has some excellent cleansing properties which are mainly present in its constituent elements such as Sodium and carbon. Sprinkling baking soda over the cushion is helpful in two ways. First, it helps in breaking down various bacteria and molds multiplying over the surface. Second, it absorbs sweat and other liquid absorbed by the sofa to remove awful odors.

  2. Dusting in Sunlight –

    Dusting in sunlight is a traditional way to cleaning various household accessories. It is due to the fact that the Ultraviolet radiations of sun rays help in killing microbes and other pollutants, making the sofa disinfectant. This is a quite simple process and can be done regularly. You just need a dust blowing stick or a broom to beat the cushion and seats out. This traditional process is quite effective and in use till date.
    Mostly along with the process washing the cushions and seat pillow is suggested. They are more vulnerable to dust and debris, they can be washed with certain ease and after getting dried completely can be put back in use.

  3. Cleaning With Homemade Solutions –

    Sofas are quite persistent to various stains from spillages of coffee to marks of permanent markers. All of them can easily be removed via some easy processes and strategies. Amongst the entire sofa cleaning tactics the use of vinegar, warm water and dish soap is widely adapted. You need to take three-fourth cup of warm water, one-fourth cup of vinegar and one full tablespoon of dish soap. Mix them well and store in a spray bottle.

The solution works as an effective cleansing reagent to clean a lot of stains related to daily accidents. By using any of the techniques, you need to consider the sofa cleaning label attached to your sofa. Generally certain codes are used which are as follow:

  • W – Water can be used 
  • WS – Steam vacuum along with a dry detergent is safe to use
  • X – Water can never be used, take the assistance of vacuuming
  • S – A dry detergent can be used for cleaning

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