Upholstery Cleaning Deals

Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Services offering special deal in Melbourne

  1. Couch Cleaning Melbourne- 10% Discount
  2. Lounge Cleaning Melbourne- 10% Discount
  3. Sofa Cleaning- 10% Discount
  4. Fabric Upholstery Cleaning- 10% Discount
  5. Leather Upholstery Cleaning- 15% Discount
  6. Dining chairs and tables Cleaning- 10%Discount
  7. Arm chairs Cleaning- 10% Discount
  8. Booth Seats Upholstery Cleaning- 10% Discount
  9. Bar Stools Upholstery Cleaning– 10% Discount
  10. Dental Chairs Cleaning– 10% Discount
  11. Auto Interiors & Upholstery Cleaning– 10% Discount
  12. Boat Interiors Cleaning– Discount 10% Discount


Special discount for Senior Citizen!!

No suburb too far for us, we service Upholstery Cleaning upto 100KM from Melbourne CBD.

No additional charges for weekend or public holidays Upholstery cleaning


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