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lounge chairs

Hi, I have 2 cloth wing back lounge chairs that require cleaning. Could you tell me how much the cost would be and whether you could fit them in before Christmas, please.

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Couch cleaning

HI there I would like to get my 7 seater plus ottoman couch cleaned next Saturday 16th

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Fabric couches

I have 2 light coloured fabric couches that need a clean. 2 and a 3 seater. Do your on clean the sides back arms and back cushions as well. Will the couch be dry to sit on after cleaning? There are no major stains. They are only 18 mths old....

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Sofa Steam Clean

Hi I’m wondering how much it would cost to steam clean my sofa? There aren’t any stains, just smells of my dog. Thanks

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Couch cleaned

Hi, Our dog keeps peeing on our couch and we need to get it cleaned to deter her from doing it more. Can you please quote. Thank you Kerryn

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scotchguard couch

Hi, Please can I have an email quote to clean and scotch guard a King Delta storage Couch. It consists of two bases with three removable back rests, creating an L shaped couch.

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steam cleaning

Hello, I have 28 dining chairs that need steam cleaning. There aren’t any major stains, just dirty from general use. how much would it cost to get these cleaned?

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Hi We are needing – 2 large rugs – 1 five seater fabric sofa – 1 single sofa and foot poof (fabric) – 1 set of carpet clean stairs – 4 rooms (carpet clean) – 1 walk-in wardrobe (carpet clean) – 1 very small linen closet (carpet clean) Could you...

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